Project Binky - Episode 32 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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Bad Obsession Motorsport

7 kuukautta sitten

In episode 32 of Project Binky we finish off the engine build with more brackets, sensors, wiring and a shed load of fab work. A lot to pack into this one, hope you can appreciate the amount of work involved.
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Bagzdad Niga
Bagzdad Niga 3 tuntia sitten
Andy Rogers
Andy Rogers 3 tuntia sitten
Can we have a Binky and Escargot update lads? Where are you up to? Thanks.
derick mosley
derick mosley 5 tuntia sitten
Where has Binky got to
Loadinglevelone Päivä sitten
Aaaand they are gone. Never to be seen again. :(
Mark Hagel
Mark Hagel Päivä sitten
You guys are amazing.
Mark Manning
Mark Manning 2 päivää sitten
so i have watched this series from the very beginning and there is just one thing i cant figure out. Which one of you is Rex Hammilton and which one of you is the captive nut?
Alan Deacon
Alan Deacon 2 päivää sitten
Right little earner, Keep it up lads 10 more years out of this yet
John Bravo
John Bravo 2 päivää sitten
It's nearly Feb 2021... 7 months is a long time to wait for the return of Binky. 😞
Martin McQuaid
Martin McQuaid 2 päivää sitten
How's Binky doing chaps? 😴
Chris Brummitt
Chris Brummitt 4 päivää sitten
23.1.21 #projectbinky Loved the City Cup but looking forward to hearing news of Binky and Lescargo.
iamtsooj 4 päivää sitten
One week. Less. And then ther wille be a next episode.
Steen Lassen
Steen Lassen 4 päivää sitten
Nothing new for quite some time? Is the project given up??
jimmy stavnshøj
jimmy stavnshøj 4 päivää sitten
Who still waiting for paint?
lemonsracer 4 päivää sitten
Binky, where are you?????
tony quinn
tony quinn 5 päivää sitten
30mins left of the latest installment....several episodes ago i stopped waiting for the "Will it start" vid and now want more grinding and cutting and bending and butchery of brand new components......great series...keep it coming
Darrell Brewer
Darrell Brewer 5 päivää sitten
How much longer do we have to wait for the rest of the episodes to be aired, or have you guys just stopped working on this project and we'll never see the end result.
fredadhbit 7 päivää sitten
3:00 But now the hex is crooked!!!
4272005 7 päivää sitten
What sort of material are you electroplating at 24:36?
Chris nukem
Chris nukem 8 päivää sitten
When will see some more episodes, love to see it finished after all this time.
windyboy78 8 päivää sitten
This car can never be driven. It must be put in a museum! Also, we must be getting close to the number of individual parts the space shuttle has don't we?
Monkey with a Spanner
Monkey with a Spanner 9 päivää sitten
Nice to see the FLC getting a credit
candeservices 9 päivää sitten
You DO know that you will have to kill the little one when the car is done so that you can keep your precious.
SEBASTIAN BLIX 9 päivää sitten
Half a year later this is still the final Project Binky episode. Come on lads, the kettle's been on for long enough I recon!
David Edwards
David Edwards 10 päivää sitten
If there is one thing I have learnt from this , is I must never attempt anything like this myself 🤯
Jeffrey Tan
Jeffrey Tan 10 päivää sitten
So much craftsmanship in this video I don't know what I enjoyed more, the finished look of the engine or how it was made.
sank 10 päivää sitten
hi guys, those crank and cam sensors are not hall effect sensors, those are called variable reluctance (reluctor) sensors. hall effect sensors have at minimum 3 leads.
Hisham of Japan
Hisham of Japan 10 päivää sitten
What's the progress on the project, it's been more than 6 months now!
Simon 10 päivää sitten
put your ad block on it s going to go faster
Simon 10 päivää sitten
the braket project !!! HONDA SWAP MUCH BETTER
BS COOK 11 päivää sitten
Is this still somewhere in the works or is it done?
beachcomber2008 12 päivää sitten
I don't know if I've said this before, but I love your funk. Sorry.
justonemorego 13 päivää sitten
Any more videos of this? Its been 6 months since the last video. Thanks.
George Angus
George Angus 14 päivää sitten
Have you given up on Binky?
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 14 päivää sitten
Steve Yeoland
Steve Yeoland 14 päivää sitten
I’ve just found this channel and have binged project binky in a few days 😬😬😬 but when is the next episode???
Rich C
Rich C 16 päivää sitten
What's happening chaps it's been six months! Thought you might be giving us the finished car at Xmas...then that came & went...
danny kops
danny kops 17 päivää sitten
Greets from holland hope to sea binky again in this decade :)
Nick Fury
Nick Fury 17 päivää sitten
"8 wires, thats almost 12 wires." Brilliant. Love it.
Martin Playford
Martin Playford 17 päivää sitten
Does anybody know of a better set of build videos than this. Its a fantastic presentation and production.
Casey S
Casey S 18 päivää sitten
Just watched the entire series this week...6 months late and no end in sight 😭 Loved this series and I won't be going to this extend but really looking forward to my future planned build now
Biem Leichel
Biem Leichel 21 päivä sitten
Has anyone got a list with all the 'Time, to get the funk out' songs? Tryna make a playlist
Leon Sutton
Leon Sutton 21 päivä sitten
Why wasn't this Finnished no video of engine install and Finnished car ?
Leon Sutton
Leon Sutton 21 päivä sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport 😂😂 over past 2 weeks IV watch all your c1 build and racing 👍👍👍 and all 32 of project Binky bloody fantastic lived every single one of them ,I was just disappointed IV now got to wait for next one 😂 but fantast work boys and a happy new year to you both hope you and your family are all well stay safe 👊👊👊
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 21 päivä sitten
You're new here aren't you?
Byron Arregui
Byron Arregui 22 päivää sitten
And de Episode 33?
Iceni Wargames
Iceni Wargames 24 päivää sitten
Nooooooo, after a week of binge watching I’m up to date. Now I have to wait...........
Deutsche _
Deutsche _ 24 päivää sitten
26:00- what about that haircut????
ala bar
ala bar 24 päivää sitten
is it any wonder i stopped watching tv years ago? nothing on there comes close
geoff hemmings
geoff hemmings 25 päivää sitten
Please, where are you......
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake 26 päivää sitten
Types of people hurt in this video: Yanks.
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake 26 päivää sitten
The production of this video is like a training video for staff working at a rally stage.
baby yoda partake
baby yoda partake 26 päivää sitten
Legend has it that this project is still going on till this very day
Guy Chapman
Guy Chapman 27 päivää sitten
Who programmed your CNC paths for the coil pack plate? That's bloody lovely, that is!
Guy Chapman
Guy Chapman 24 päivää sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport Top job!
Herman McPootis
Herman McPootis 26 päivää sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport Guys... Is everything okay with Binky? We haven't heard of any development in a while, except from the paint/primer Instagram post... Also convey my regards to Ellie Dee : )
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 27 päivää sitten
Nik did.
Andre M Nel
Andre M Nel 27 päivää sitten
Just wonder what happened to the Mini?
Mike MacDonald
Mike MacDonald 27 päivää sitten
Please get Binky onto this track!
Rwaggy 28 päivää sitten
I would love to know how much this project has cost you so far! It's fantastic, keep up the great work!
Johnny_McNeil 28 päivää sitten
43:40 😁
plunder1956 28 päivää sitten
There is a theory that Binky isn't really a car project. It's actually a Bracket making project. Is this true?
T'airn'KA 28 päivää sitten
Next is an "Escargot" video? ;-)
docpaul 29 päivää sitten
at 11:20 - your heat shrink does not look very tight - a possible moisture ingress risk?
michael white
michael white 29 päivää sitten
6 months since the last video🤣 what happened
ricky embers
ricky embers 29 päivää sitten
damn its been 7 years
Marlo Breding
Marlo Breding 29 päivää sitten
Episode 33 Please.
Jimmy Brookes
Jimmy Brookes Uukausi sitten
What happened to Binky?
Jona Than
Jona Than Uukausi sitten
All the episodes are great but this is a masterpiece. So much input in only 44 minutes. Craftsmanship and editing on the spot. Can't wait to see what's coming up.
1silvervespa Uukausi sitten
No added sealant hummm .
1silvervespa Uukausi sitten
Glenn Chartrand
Glenn Chartrand Uukausi sitten
My prediction is that the release date just keeps getting pushed back and when it finally is released Play Station game consoles won't be able to run it, and Sony will have to offer refunds.
Glenn Chartrand
Glenn Chartrand Uukausi sitten
Its kind of surreal watching a Brit complain about the Imperial Standard that America uses.
David Edwards
David Edwards Uukausi sitten
I remember it used to be a thing to de seam a mini for a smoother look , is there a reason why this wasn’t done ? Sorry if this has already been asked 😬
David Edwards
David Edwards Uukausi sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport your car your rules 👍
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport Uukausi sitten
Don't like the look of de-seamed minis.
Me Me
Me Me Uukausi sitten
I'm with you when you say we all need finishing off by hand now and again..😁😂😁
Vaidotas B.
Vaidotas B. Uukausi sitten
i make oil gauge mechanikatly in lada
Patrick Roher
Patrick Roher Uukausi sitten
Take heart, if the project doesn't go as expected there's always barber college and public transportation. In the words of grand pappy Pappy, "anything worth doing is worth overdoing." My brackets don't have enough hold downs so I zip tied the wheels to the tarmac. Only to discover I didn't use all weather windshield wipers. 🤔 it's like grand pappy Pappy used to say "that's no place for a finger."
John Key
John Key Uukausi sitten
French M5 actually
skmetal7 Uukausi sitten
6 months! ....
Mark Davies
Mark Davies Uukausi sitten
How about running a 'guess the weight' competition for the finished car?
Chris Brummitt
Chris Brummitt Uukausi sitten
It's 22:30 GMT on the 22/12/2020 boys. When's Binky- Episode 33 being posted- we loved the C1 challenge but do we get a Crimbo present this year?
Dylan Brubaker
Dylan Brubaker Uukausi sitten
"see you next time" famous last words.
Steven Jack
Steven Jack 21 päivä sitten
English Builds
English Builds Uukausi sitten
What is going on with this build? It’s been 6 months since a post on it! Which is the longest time gap between videos? Can you give all your loyal followers and patreons an update???
T MJ Uukausi sitten
where is my Christmas Binky edition?
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh Uukausi sitten
How friggin long to paint a pregnant roller skate! Nine months???????? You using a fingernail paint brush? Drop your tea cups and lets see some "assholes an elbows" guys.
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett Uukausi sitten
All right boys........where the hell is Episode 33?!?!?! Been months! All I got was “Bargain Racement”! While entertaining, I want my Binky!!!
Duderobi Patschie
Duderobi Patschie Uukausi sitten
the heat shrink provides a clear water path.
richard walker
richard walker Uukausi sitten
When's the next video coming! Can't wait see it finished binge watched the series want more,
Steve Howard
Steve Howard Uukausi sitten
When are you guys going to get back on binky?
Efren Laboy
Efren Laboy Uukausi sitten
You're great
Mike MacDonald
Mike MacDonald Uukausi sitten
Gentlemen, you may not have noticed, but I think that many of your techniques have improved considerably since the first episode, BRAVO!
Valentin Paste
Valentin Paste Uukausi sitten
Are you guys ok?
busatrx850 Uukausi sitten
What’s happening?
RBMCSTORE Uukausi sitten
After watching police squad project binky start and finish suddenly makes sense 😂
Kisoka Uukausi sitten
How compact can you make a 2L turbo charged engine? BoM: yes
Gordon Bradford
Gordon Bradford Uukausi sitten
Come on guys, when is the next episode?
Swifty Kestrel
Swifty Kestrel Uukausi sitten
43:40 I bet not many people have seen this but it's hilarious
dgh938peg2 Uukausi sitten
Come on @BadObsessionMotorsport!!! When's the next update!? I picked this up on episode 10 so have been following your antics for 5 years .... that's nearly 7 years! :D
Nick Neale
Nick Neale Uukausi sitten
Just re-watched the whole series, hopefully motivated me to get back in the garage and crackon with my own project, have to put the kettle on first. Can't wait for the next episode.
Luke Stevens
Luke Stevens Uukausi sitten
Mini been nicked then ?
BrushstrokeVR Uukausi sitten
This is a hidden video update: They said they are delayed because of covid next episode is somewhere in december.
Jono Mc
Jono Mc Uukausi sitten
update please. I would love to see it finished
BrushstrokeVR Uukausi sitten
This is a hidden video update: They said they are delayed because of covid next episode is somewhere in december.
Timo Makinen
Timo Makinen Uukausi sitten
It seems like it won't be a next Binky episode..
Timo Makinen
Timo Makinen Uukausi sitten
@BrushstrokeVR thanks for the update! Isn't it up on their channel? I didn't see it.
BrushstrokeVR Uukausi sitten
This is a hidden video update: They said they are delayed because of covid next episode is somewhere in december.
Илья Александрович
Илья Александрович Uukausi sitten
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore Uukausi sitten
well here we go with the burning question on all the viewers when can I/We expect to see the finished little monster. "Binky"?????
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore Uukausi sitten
By the way I cant wait to see the finished product of all the hard work and brain twisting modifications to an iconic little car to the ferocious little beast you're turning it into. just the name is cute but the idea and execution are marvelous, build it the way you want it, since they dont really make it like you want.... I wanted to do a car mod project but finances were not good and I ended up doing a guitar build/mod/upgrade to my taste. Since the guitar companies don't make them the way I wanted, and if i went through the 'Custom Shop' it would cost about 10 times what I'll have in it building what I want myself (My DYI build $600 USD- the custom shop $5000-$6000 USD aprox.) so yes Diy is the way to go when they don't make it your way...
Kenneth Crickmore
Kenneth Crickmore Uukausi sitten
Super Cool , I love the demonic little creation you two have been slaving away at for this long and mentally exhausting build. the idea is completely bonkers but you have somehow been able to achieve the seemingly impossible. with space being at a premium (it is a "Mini" after all) there didn't seem to be a snowball's chance in hell that everything would really fit, But fit it does (with a tweak and schmooze here and there) there is a somewhat similar build here across the pond in U.S..and I think Nick's "Brecket Obsession is a good thing with al the bits that need holding in place in such a "Small" space under the bonnet and everywhere in that Diminutive automotive contrivance they call a 'Mini'.there is a somewhat similar build here in the states you should check out called the "Insane Juke Project" where they use a Nissan Juke (micro SUV) with factory turbo 1.6 litre I-4 factory all wheel drive and increase the turbo size to the insane degree and find places for the other bits and bobs that go with it in a somewhat smaller package than the turbo was designed for making about 400 WHP in the end with an enhanced CVT trans, and custom built motor. to take the strain of the increased power potential of up to 500 WHP. but your Mini is more challenging. and a lot more fun to watch how you come up with the solutions to the many little problems that always seem to crop up as you go along with the build, having al those cool tools and machines makes it a little easier( most of the time) but a "BFH" seems to be the answer sometimes , but then the right (precision or normal) tool is the better choice more times than not.
Farmer Jon
Farmer Jon Uukausi sitten
My bet on the paint color is British Racing Green with a Solid White roof as a little nod/top of the hat to the Japanese racing color.
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