Project Binky - Episode 20 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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In episode 20 of Project Binky, we continue working on the mini's electrical system and solve (we hope) the ancillary drive conundrum. There's an unbelievable amount of work in this one, far too much to show in one 30 minute episode without killing it dead, so there'll be an additional machining video out in a couple of weeks for anyone who'd like to see more of the detail in the latter part of this episode. It's all systems go in the continuing effort to build one of the world's fastest Mini's.
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Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
Thanks for all the comments everyone! We really appreciate your support. We're not sure exactly how successful the ancillary drive will be. Ultimately the only way to tell will be to run it and find out. It may not last very long and might need regular maintenance, it might be fine but we're very much looking forward to finding out.
888johnmac 3 kuukautta sitten
@Kein Anderer .. hey guess what ??
Ken Stein
Ken Stein 8 kuukautta sitten
If it doesn't work (sorry if you've already figured this out, I realize I'm a year behind...) You might try machining a hole in the bellhousing and setting the alt up with what's known as a "pad mount" configuration in the aerospace industry, using a gear and a pulley on it, then drive the ac comp from that via a belt as you already did.
Richard Murphy
Richard Murphy Vuosi sitten
PKMartin a
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker Vuosi sitten
So what is it that makes the idler bearing so eccentric?
kingo fassholes
kingo fassholes 2 vuotta sitten
Why aren't you guys on Motor Trend TV? Believe it or not, I know whats involved in Wiring an automobile. It took me eight hours to completely rewire the Head, Tail, Side, License, and Dashboard Lights of a Subaru. I was alone. Then there was the Vee-Wee Rabbit. I had to replace the Engine... All by myself. My own 1969 Austin America/1100/1300 with the Lucas Electrical System was not a Nightmare... Everything worked and hadn't been hacked. All I did was Re-polarize from a Positive Earth to a Negative Earth. and replaced the Dynamo with a (How do I know this) 16 ACR Alternator. When I added Fog Lights, or Radio I ran a NEW and separate Harness. I refuse to cut into an existing Harness when it's safer to do it my way. I enjoyed removing the SU Carb. with the Intake/Exhaust Manifold combo, because installing the Tuned Exhaust Header and a Nikki Progressive Two bbl Carb with an Aluminum Intake on the 1430cc BMC was going to change everything... It did. The only drawback on my Austin was the Flywheel Keyway. It would shear off. I was constantly replacing it. I was told (By a Local BMC/BLMC/Leyland) Mechanic) I had a little too much Horse Power. Is there such thing? I loved my Austin... I miss it too. It was a cool little car. Prior to buying it I had a 1967 GTO, a 1967 442, and other Factory Built Muscle. My favorites out of all the cars I owned were my 1964 Olds Dynamic 88 Wagon (394ci with the Slim Jim Trans.). Then there was my 1966 Ford LTD... 350hp CB.302ci. with a Police Interceptor Trans. It would lift the front Tires off the ground... Even at 25 or 30 MPH! Of course, the aforementioned 1969 Austin and my (Ahem!) Slightly Modified Yugo GV. The Austin and Yugo were stolen... Separately, and Years apart. Now days, I only build much smaller Vehicles. Some are (A little) over the top. My Mercedes 190e powered by a GM LS, Two LS powered Nissans, (One is a FOUR DOOR) a '49 Mercury and '49 Ford... Both have a 429 Hemi. I (Almost) put a LS in a 1/27 Scale, Spad VIII. I caught some (Snicker) "Flack" about the Spad after I posted Pictures of it. I didn't realize how real it looked. Even with Snoopy as the Pilot. There's too many others to list... Over 300. Keep up the good Hot Rodding.
JFK64 Kennedy
JFK64 Kennedy 13 päivää sitten
wiring is like planning a road trip and reading a map, you isolate down to the general route and specific road you interested in, not the whole map...and work from there
jarektransltd 22 päivää sitten
Just finally started watching the longest and the best project on the FIpost and after 4 days I'm on episode 20! I must say guys you are awesome and you have a lot of impressive skills 👏 Love the humour to brilliant I should have started watching long time ago
prospero 41
prospero 41 22 päivää sitten
I'm making my way through again to celebrate the paint unveiling, I wonder if BOM will tell us how much did binky cost in parts and time
Bertil Busch
Bertil Busch Uukausi sitten
Eight wires! That’s almost twelve wires!
Killian Maladath
Killian Maladath Uukausi sitten
I am so glad that they are using the metric system.
Stoopydh Uukausi sitten
Are you really serious about the rear foglight? It's fugly!
The Wayfaring Anarchists
The Wayfaring Anarchists 2 kuukautta sitten
Me on the 4th episode: ENOUGH WITH "THE FUNK OUT" Me on the 20th episode: oh fuck yeah.....Get dat funk out boiiiiiiiii!
SDK Racing
SDK Racing 2 kuukautta sitten
as an engineer this episode in particular really tickled my fancy
NarschoolVlog 2 kuukautta sitten
Lads.. I'm impressed with the build quality.. and the video quality.. the bants is appreciated too, but what sets it off is the ave and thisoldtony references.. loving it!!
Hammerheinz 2 kuukautta sitten
Came here for Bargain Racement, stayed for Project Binky. You guys are brilliant!
Dan Ellison
Dan Ellison 2 kuukautta sitten
Please help! I think i pulled the wrong lever on my lathe and now im stuck back in 2018... actually considering the year we are all having i think ill stay put. Thats for the build series thus far!
Elli P
Elli P 2 kuukautta sitten
Did you get the latest Haynes Manual (with all the new internet and mobile phone content) to help with raising and maintaining those two tiny human peeps? :-)
Icebear1985 3 kuukautta sitten
I thought nick hates pk screws through panels? Those front indicators are screwed in are they not?
Caedes 3 kuukautta sitten
I want a pair of those scissors! 🤣
superbam btw
superbam btw 3 kuukautta sitten
Strong pornography
David Chadwell
David Chadwell 4 kuukautta sitten
I'll be very curious to see how durable the flex shaft is.
Scott Coffin
Scott Coffin 5 kuukautta sitten These will help with cutting the zip ties so that they do not cut you when you go back near them. These have save me from many cuts.
Ryan Parle
Ryan Parle 5 kuukautta sitten
Can you share details of the crimp tool used for the headlamp flag terminals? I've been looking for one for a while.
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra 6 kuukautta sitten
Why don't you just use an electric alternator?
Aaronjdg G
Aaronjdg G 6 kuukautta sitten
I tried to say I was a mechanic before this video... now I need to go make a bracket and wire some shit up
Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 7 kuukautta sitten
It’s a bummer about that fog light, with it being so well thought out that fog light sticks out
iamtsooj 7 kuukautta sitten
Rewatching episodes... just walhalla of engeneering in this episode. Fantastic.
Nathan Higgins
Nathan Higgins 7 kuukautta sitten
I'm just going to say it, electrical terminology is better in the U.S. (sorry to pick a fight)
David B
David B 7 kuukautta sitten
How many stone are those pulleys ? That's the proper way to measure length or force or whatever.
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
O M G!!! Did you really just relocate an alternator by means of a flex shaft??? It's confirmed, yup: Mind officially BLOWN! :0
Rob Frye
Rob Frye 9 kuukautta sitten
..and then you get disassemble and remove everything you've done when it's time to paint the car! What a job!
JayinMI 9 kuukautta sitten
24:48 This Old Tony nod?
JayinMI 9 kuukautta sitten
Since you drive on the right side of the car, why is it called the Offside?
Graham Reeve
Graham Reeve 9 kuukautta sitten
Thanks lads. Sitting here getting over corona virus you have been a great help. Hope you are all OK. Give Dan a kick and tell him it's from Bill's dad.
Nick Galm
Nick Galm 9 kuukautta sitten
No Harmonic Balancer?
Elwood Brown
Elwood Brown 10 kuukautta sitten
I desperately need a pair of those scissors you cut the bar stock with.
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant 10 kuukautta sitten
MidnightAmratha 10 kuukautta sitten
I knew it, you been this old tony'ed
James Mike
James Mike 10 kuukautta sitten
@19:08 Toyota surely didn't think twice running the whole accessory drive off a driveshaft and a supercharger down the line.
anthonybean17 11 kuukautta sitten
You’d think that it would be possible to combine the starter motor and alternator into a single unit in this day and age
Jim Guppy
Jim Guppy 11 kuukautta sitten
Still hard to believe they're the same twins from Episode 9, really puts the time into perspective
HarryVoyager 11 kuukautta sitten
You know, whenever this thing gets done, you're going to have to do an epilog on what it's like to actually daily drive and maintain, right? :)
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 11 kuukautta sitten
Of course!
flames79 11 kuukautta sitten
i came across the project binky series by accident and haven't stopped watching since yesterday ........ im nearly caught up now cant wait to see the finished result
demonic477 Vuosi sitten
just when you thought the heater box was the pinnacle of fabrication they pull this out there asses and blow us away again holy crap
jdhalvo Vuosi sitten
Embarrassing to admit, it took me FAR too long to get the grommet/Gromit joke at 49 seconds... being a fan of both Nick Park's work and safe wiring practices... (Smashing cheese...!)
Sixta16 Vuosi sitten
Tony the Lathe time travel!
TISTO Vuosi sitten
The best thing on christmas noon Is watching project binki Cheers
MrORo17 Vuosi sitten
Simply awesome! You guys are really really really clever! Love this project! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
AMLagonda Vuosi sitten
All my years on youtube and I've never seen anything close to the skill and engineering of these guys.
Twotone Vuosi sitten
One of my buttons is people who don't cut cable ties off flush! Should be a flogging offence.
Matt Vuosi sitten
Mind is blown
Andrew Joy
Andrew Joy Vuosi sitten
RE: wires changing colour . People who chose wiring colours are and lets be fair , absolute arseholes , i was once servicing an old computer and somone chose black for 12v and orange for ground (orange is usually 3.3v in computers, that is just intentionally being a cunt !
Will Vuosi sitten
My cylinder head is in bits, the bodywork falling off but step one of getting the thing back on the road is going to have to be "let me finish watching this series first"
C Meier
C Meier Vuosi sitten
*immediately googles Katie Price*
hikurukutai Vuosi sitten
Ed China was the man with the tools liked his shows
Breandon Barnett
Breandon Barnett Vuosi sitten
You guys have such attention to detail, just wondering if you are going to put gromets or wrap the wiring where it could rub?
Paul Chapman
Paul Chapman Vuosi sitten
did you take measurements of everything you 'machined' so that if need be, you can easily reproduce them with a cnc machine (computer controlled)?
Rolf Ödin
Rolf Ödin Vuosi sitten
I just love the cut @24.48 :-D
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Vuosi sitten
I swear I wanted to click the Like button on each video but I like watching the videos in full screen and then immediately click to the next video
bvcxz gt
bvcxz gt Vuosi sitten
I understand your use of the term "Earth" instead of "ground". A country that has never sent anyone to outer space might easily not realize there are more ways to ground something than to join it to the Earth. 'Murica!!!!!!
HojozVideos Vuosi sitten
Quick question: Since Binky is taking so long, and you guys have plenty of projects planned, who will take over from you to supply us with BOM content in 2050?
Bluespaceboat Vuosi sitten
No spotlights or fogs!? But but but!
UlrichVIII Vuosi sitten
this is just madness!
Juls Siapno
Juls Siapno Vuosi sitten
If you ever wondered how long ago this project started and when will it be finished, those two twins were in fact still being born when this project started now they're 6yrs old nearly 7 and this project will be somehow finished is when those twins are at senior highschool.
DannyBeans Vuosi sitten
I know, years later, that you've already decided how to paint it. I'm hoping you go for white with electric blue trim, to match its namesake.
purdypebbles Vuosi sitten
Aweeesome videos thanks! Where did you get the 13pin multiplug, pins, seals etc that you're using for the front end lighting loom featured at 5:55 in this video please? Thank you kindly.
plunder1956 Vuosi sitten
Hang on. What about heat from the engine affecting that flexible shaft?
Jason Blessel
Jason Blessel Vuosi sitten
I picked up a hoodie and a hat from you gentlemen. I would have ordered a t shirt as well but your sizes only go up to 2X. I will see how it fits before I order a T shirt. Maybe you gentlemen should consider making larger sizes for us Yanks across the pond.
4wd some
4wd some Vuosi sitten
Bmw did nothing wrong with the e60 having unsubstantial grounds, no indicators takes 4 amps off, using them is just user error
Gizmo Thewytchdoktor
Gizmo Thewytchdoktor Vuosi sitten
three words: cloth friction tape. ;-)
tesicnr Vuosi sitten
That's nice but you could just install a starter/generator combo. "Conundrum" solved.
m0ssy Vuosi sitten
Film editing skills are improving. Very nice montage ! Keep going Bad Obsession team !
Fernando Sosa
Fernando Sosa Vuosi sitten
Wow, just wow !!
Curtis Barker
Curtis Barker Vuosi sitten
Hay? can you buy those scissors off Amazon ? I want some steele bar cutting scissors LoL
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ostrom Vuosi sitten
i feel like the engine placement is just begging for about 16" headers coming straight up through the bonnet. zoomy style....
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ostrom Vuosi sitten
great job with the lights. with the bikes i build, i usually just hard wire a head light, and a rear running light. seems like i never get around to anything proper.
JoeyLovesTrains Vuosi sitten
Is the rear fog light necessary?? It makes me uncomfortable because it’s not symmetrical...
Leefy Than
Leefy Than Vuosi sitten
JoeyLovesTrains they’re a legal requirement in the UK
William Howell
William Howell Vuosi sitten
Enjoyed every episode. The madness and fabrication skills are remarkable. Can't wait for more. Oh yeah, a little more of the hot blonde chic would be nice.
Biff Narzilla
Biff Narzilla Vuosi sitten
What sets you guys apart from practically everyone else doing these kinds of "mods" on EweToob is that, between the two of you, you have all the necessary education and requisite skills to do this properly (hopefully). Designing, mechanical, electrical, drafting and shop skills all contribute to make a great series. But just why are UK "fog lights" red and not amber. Seems like the amber color would penetrate fog much more readily.
billybob holcomb
billybob holcomb Vuosi sitten
If Binky is to be pink I am still all in. But I hope you will consider the Spectra-Chrome product.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Vuosi sitten
Good lord. You guys nuckin futs.
Angelo Ralph
Angelo Ralph Vuosi sitten
they're called grounds. ill agree with the trunk being the boot, sure, but you're plugging the wires into dirt!
Biff Narzilla
Biff Narzilla Vuosi sitten
Why didn't you two use rubber grommets in the holes in the frame when running the wiring? I would think that with any amount of normal everyday running and bounding about in the Mini that running wires through sheet metal holes would, over time, wear through the wiring insulation and short it out.
amirthad Vuosi sitten
alternator setup = wow
Tom Middleton
Tom Middleton Vuosi sitten
24:48 - Was that a nod to This Old Tony?
Acme Vuosi sitten
Oh god, please integrate the foglight into the rear lamps or something, those universal bolt on foglights look crap!
Matt from Florida
Matt from Florida Vuosi sitten
Your flexi-shaft project should in its "simplicity" (haha) be applied to every engineering solution the car has. You could be the first company to sell a 1.5 million dollar Mini!
ok ok
ok ok Vuosi sitten
Do yuo guys feel wired?
Nomi Malone
Nomi Malone Vuosi sitten
The wiring loom shown earlier showed front fog lights, but I suppose that's not happening?
Nomi Malone
Nomi Malone Vuosi sitten
Binky looks cleaner than in the last vid.
Nicholas Little
Nicholas Little Vuosi sitten
Could you please make an electric driven mini? The engine will be smaller but of course the challenge will be to fit the batteries in.
Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson Vuosi sitten
I am still proud of converting my Pontiac Firebird to UK lighting by modifying 6"*4" headlights from DeLorean NOS. But it would be about 20 seconds of one episode for you guys! Still, you have prompted me to go much further in sorting out other issues...
thedukeofarchibauld Vuosi sitten
Impressed I am.
Charlie Vuosi sitten
Interesting that you have to have a rear facing fog lamp
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah Vuosi sitten
I'm _almost_ all caught up on my project Binky.
Lyle W
Lyle W Vuosi sitten
just got past the intro, but i see you added Gromit to the hole where the lead comes in. good. i had wondered about that (as it sounds like others had, too). carry on.
Joes WebPresence
Joes WebPresence 2 vuotta sitten
I am beginning to think that the Rex Hamilton claim is not entirely true.
Brian Bray
Brian Bray 2 vuotta sitten
Little known fact, linguists say that American English pronunciation is closer to that of Shakespeare than is today's BBC English. Knowing that, it follows that Shakespeare said "ground wire, aluminum, chassis, auto trunk, blinkers, hand brake, and solder" in the American way. Thought you'd like to know mate (buddy). - From the Colonies.
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt 2 vuotta sitten
haaaaa! love the this old tony tribute :D
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt 2 vuotta sitten
ive had it in my mind to install a wind driven generator as a secondary alternator with a super capacitor storage facility, primarily for my campers leisure battery the few days in britain where there isnt any wind it may pose a problem but otherwise while driving there is never any shortage of wind
denelvo 2 vuotta sitten
The heavy Totota pulley is an harmonic damper. Essential in all 4 cylinder engines. Ask Jafro about them.
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 2 vuotta sitten
The lack of mechanical protection on your cabling is a real concern, especially where the pass through holes or across sharp edges. Really need sleeving or conduit. They will chaffe
Florentin Wilfart
Florentin Wilfart 2 vuotta sitten
What model and make is the CNC mill that has been standing up to your abuse so well?
TheMadkent 2 vuotta sitten
These boys could solve the world peace problem with that lathe...
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