Project Binky - The Outtakes Part 4. Strong language

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We make many mistakes, we shoot many takes, we swear - a lot. These are some of the outtakes from filming episodes of Project Binky. There's very strong language from the start and a guest appearance from Edd China! Hope you enjoy it!
We're filming the next episode right now.
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Elli P
Elli P 15 päivää sitten
'Remember to keep Comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines'. Or Mr Flibble's going to be very cross...
prospero 41
prospero 41 28 päivää sitten
This is why binky wasn't finished in a year.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 2 kuukautta sitten
So effing funny. Brilliant.
Derek Comer
Derek Comer 3 kuukautta sitten
It’s only when I watch the outtakes that I realise just how much time and effort goes into the filming as well as the construction of binky. Absolutely love it, thank you team for being epic 👍😊
Olin Zuercher
Olin Zuercher 6 kuukautta sitten
You fellows are highly amusing, just a regular gas!
prospero 41
prospero 41 7 kuukautta sitten
The effect of watching red dwarf is a terrible thing
Neil Brideau
Neil Brideau 10 kuukautta sitten
I love BO!
nomayor1 11 kuukautta sitten
You guys should hold an event, I 'd really like to see you in real life.
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett Vuosi sitten
White board.......write your lines on a white board. Erase after each use, then reuse..........
Urban Wolf
Urban Wolf Vuosi sitten
that hand puppet bit was funny as fuk ! :))
Graeme Morrison
Graeme Morrison Vuosi sitten
The way you go about setting up the shot for the edit, terms like 'rolling...', fluffing lines etc is pretty much identical to what happens on a 'proper' film/TV set, and gives an idea of the time and effort that actually goes into producing one of your uploads. (And that's without all the disc-cutting, welding and bracketry shenanigans, and editing in 'post'.) Thanks for the hours entertainment you've given me so far chaps!
neokix // 公道ライダーのための危険予測
neokix // 公道ライダーのための危険予測 Vuosi sitten
Was that... Edd China?
MrRawalex Vuosi sitten
Stop this... it's bullshit! :)
Ray G
Ray G Vuosi sitten
Bad language? You need to visit my kids primary school at pick up time!
Puzuzu Vuosi sitten
No wonder your taking so long! #GetOnWithIt!!!!!
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah 2 vuotta sitten
I'll take all the fucking outtakes you got. I like the idea of having the swears intact. we're all adults here. except maybe Jimmy.
chris rhodes
chris rhodes 2 vuotta sitten
Just finished watching all the episodes of this project and jonesing for more loving the engineering you have done so far and looking forward to seeing more
GreatNorthernTroll 2 vuotta sitten
... And now we can all see why Project Binky is taking so Effing long... the Wankers!
JonTheBrush 2 vuotta sitten
The block of wood is just genius, should have made it in to the final version :)
TheLongDark 2 vuotta sitten
It's going to look weird when you get the Mini painted. So used to it being black, yellow and primer grey.
MagicJeans 2 vuotta sitten
You guys should totally fill a couple mugs with tea-coloured resin. For a lark. And to screw with our heads.
charles. stewart
charles. stewart 2 vuotta sitten
May be get an Auto-cue so you can read it & Not Fuck it UP , can't afford one write on cardboard (recycled referred) can't do that , oh well just jump up & down & look Stupid , lol !
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 2 vuotta sitten
Why don't you both grow huge Mexican mustaches? I am pretty sure it would add a lot of production value to the show.
Kyle Budd
Kyle Budd 8 kuukautta sitten
Xavier Thomas in the 7 years it’s so far taken that’d be a mean moustache
MINIMOTOMADNESS 2 vuotta sitten
mr flibble....the stuff of nightmares
Speed Shop Engineering
Speed Shop Engineering 2 vuotta sitten
Did you put your dick in a vise?? I think I heard "AvE would be proud" @ 5:43
Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne 2 vuotta sitten
So it ain't episode 17.... but it's like body filler.... it smooths out the waiting time. Tom Byrne
madmax2069 3 vuotta sitten
6:31 WTF was that...........
Andy Nichols
Andy Nichols 3 vuotta sitten
Were either of you chaps ever choirboys when you were school age?
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+Andrew Nichols Never.
John Nicolson
John Nicolson 3 vuotta sitten
come on guys....episode 17
lawrence mathews
lawrence mathews 3 vuotta sitten
Life , work and paying bills get in way at times. I know this is build on free time only. Been watching since second vlog. And rewatch all time. Keep up the amazing work Larry
sayan das
sayan das 3 vuotta sitten
oi. wheres the new episode...
clone5com 3 vuotta sitten
So is why the episodes don't come out... too much on the edit, not enough on the tools. I think many of these outtakes should have made the final cut
Ernest Thompson
Ernest Thompson 3 vuotta sitten
I just bought a 63 mk1 so I also just found this channel. Great channel and you guys awesome fabricators. I have watched every video, literally today. Thanks now I've accomplished nothing today. Lol when will we see the large box again?
mmazz30 3 vuotta sitten
Like others I want to see the end product BUT I really don't want this show to end.Maybe we could crowd fund a"tour" for Binky around this crazy world and show up at the F1 Melbourne GP or rally event so I can give Binky a hug :-) Great show and great fabrication and piss farting about, so hurry up but take your time ;-p All the best from us aussies.
Lavre 3 vuotta sitten
Any idea on the next episode?
Lavre 2 vuotta sitten
Just to remind you.. 3 months is coming up shortly..
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+Lavre Not yet I'm afraid.
Cammy BOY
Cammy BOY 3 vuotta sitten
ive been watching you guys from the beginning, its taking a toll on me, i need more content :) :)
Initial DIY mods
Initial DIY mods 3 vuotta sitten
Very entertaining but no wonder it takes you 3 months between videos LOL Y'all should check out my AWD Mini Cooper (2010) using a 4g63 Mitsubishi... leaning towards Minibishi at the moment but I'm close to starting it up
Devin Tubens
Devin Tubens 3 vuotta sitten
Hey it's Edd!!!!!!!!!! Is he going to make a special appearance??????
marcel caratus
marcel caratus 3 vuotta sitten
When will you post another update? I love your quality work and would like to see this project finished! Happy new year!
Jay Nunya
Jay Nunya 3 vuotta sitten
Aha... So now we know why it takes so long to get a new episode out, hehe!!! But seriously fellas I love watching your videos. Keep up the good work!!!
MrKeyboardCommando 3 vuotta sitten
Is one of your 2018 New Year resolutions to provide a video during the year❓
carbon nut
carbon nut 3 vuotta sitten
stop arsing about and get on with binky
carbon nut
carbon nut 3 vuotta sitten
Bad Obsession Motorsport haha
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+carbon nut We'll do whatever we damn well please!
Dodgy Brothers Engineering
Dodgy Brothers Engineering 3 vuotta sitten
Next season of Game of Thrones is scheduled for 2019... I wonder which will be first Episode 17 or Season 8 of GoT?
Carstuff111 3 vuotta sitten
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!! Hope you guys had a great one, can't wait for the next episode of Binky! I really hope this car turns out as bad ass as it looks! And while you guys may be "over engineering" everything, at least you are making the car stronger than it ever was, and you are making things with ease of maintenance and ease of repair in mind. Unlike how the Germans or Ford over engineer, they do it to fuck with people...
Ara Tucker
Ara Tucker 3 vuotta sitten
The tea mugs are empty?! Lies! LIES!!!! I don't know what is real anymore!!
Revelair Fan Man
Revelair Fan Man 3 vuotta sitten
These guys have noticeably aged during this whole drawn out process. Either they’re working too hard or this shit is taking forever. :-)
Forever Computing
Forever Computing 3 vuotta sitten
Edd, me old China!
chris rhodes
chris rhodes 3 vuotta sitten
I do like the outtakes but I like the building videos better so when do you fellas think the next build vid is going to be ready
allothernamesbutthis 3 vuotta sitten
depends if they find another inch :D happy new year to all :)
Ron Walsh
Ron Walsh 3 vuotta sitten
Excellent video as always guys. I hope we are going to see more of Binky in the future.
Woven Scrolls
Woven Scrolls 3 vuotta sitten
You sure THESE are the out takes?;)
JB 3 vuotta sitten
The wait is excruciating
porkpig350 3 vuotta sitten
I owe you guys the greatest apologie...Nik.. Richard..all this time my American TV brain washed brain..begged for hastyness on your behalf...which blows the making something out of fun and creativity concept out of the window (again.. if this was one of those Mc.Donalds car in seven days show)...will we grow a little older and stupider enduring this??? probably!!!...but amidst a desert of ultra low quality automotive entertainment...this is an oasis...a scant one but an oasis nonetheless...
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+porkpig350 Thank you!
ntrand333 3 vuotta sitten
Just told my wife, all I want for Christmas was episode 17 of project binky. Should have seen the confused look on her face. Lets make that happen guys... please.
hugelawn 3 vuotta sitten
Waiting so long for episodes just disappointing.
longshot7601 3 vuotta sitten
What takes longer, the fabrication or the scripting/filming/editing?
patw52pb1 3 vuotta sitten
Thank you and all those involved in the content, contributions, efforts and production of this channel. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all. May the new year bring you, your families and friends much health, wealth, happiness, safety, security, appreciation, respect and peace.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+patw52pb1 Thank you very much.
MDF RESCUER 3 vuotta sitten
Nice moments.
Orax1701 3 vuotta sitten
I thought it was the fabrication that took all the time. Turns out it's all takes you need to get the talking bits right! 😂 Love you guys and keep up the great work!!
pg1144 3 vuotta sitten
Nice video of the outtakes but when is the car going to be finished
jobnoy 3 vuotta sitten
Merry Christmas chaps! May you be blessed with Tetley and chocolate Hobnobs
SuperCidermonkey 3 vuotta sitten
Loved it!!! Merry Christmas BOM & Binky!! 3:26, looking SAF!!
Tom 3 vuotta sitten
What a bag of legends
Philipp D
Philipp D 3 vuotta sitten
If the Mini is actually finished one day, I think the world will stop turning. Better hope this will go on for ever!
Charlie Spann
Charlie Spann 3 vuotta sitten
Great show as usual, thanks guy's. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ed at SEMA several years ago while wearing my Bad Obsession hat.
TrwSeama 3 vuotta sitten
Merry Xmas Muckas ;)
Dan Bailey
Dan Bailey 3 vuotta sitten
Funny. Look forward to the next update, in May?
Harley Alexander
Harley Alexander 3 vuotta sitten
3:00 Uh, sorry?
nick hensley
nick hensley 3 vuotta sitten
Merry Christmas you guys keep up the banter.
Alex Matos
Alex Matos 3 vuotta sitten
Merry Christmas folks....!!!! you rock
FlankyFrankie 3 vuotta sitten
Come on now chaps, less wankin about with the laffy clips, and more wankin about with the Mini. :)
minisareus 3 vuotta sitten
It would be good to see my episodes of project binky
MrHugaKuga 3 vuotta sitten
A build episode is carefully crafted and treated as delicately as the birth of a new born baby ... ... and each one takes 9 months
Figment078 3 vuotta sitten
Hey, I'll watch anything with puppets!
Julian Adams
Julian Adams 3 vuotta sitten
even the bad bits are great
Australian Dash Camera owner
Australian Dash Camera owner 3 vuotta sitten
Great work gents. Looking forward to 2018 and part 17 of Project Binky.
Sir-Marcus Young
Sir-Marcus Young 3 vuotta sitten
Brilliant Xmas special guys, Merry Christmas, see you in the new year
kyle hubner
kyle hubner 3 vuotta sitten
Im a simple man i see project binky i click
Datsun510zen 3 vuotta sitten
Yeah, I've always had my suspicions Nik Blackhust is actually a human being,
Rustin Hawver
Rustin Hawver 3 vuotta sitten
You Tossers! Get on with the bloody build!
Gornormity drummer
Gornormity drummer 3 vuotta sitten
Merry Christmas finish the car !
mgb961 3 vuotta sitten
is it just me or are the out takes as good or better than the episodes....just saysing!
Skwisgar2322 3 vuotta sitten
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 3 vuotta sitten
Unfortunately, not many people will get the Mr. Flibble references.
Tom Byrne
Tom Byrne 3 vuotta sitten
While I very much miss the fab work.... this shit is indicative of the fact that you guys arereal people, not just freak'in geniuses. It gives us mortals hope that maybe, maybe mind you,we might be able to get one billionth as good as you at grinding ,welding and making stuffthat fits.Tom Byrne
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+Tom Byrne Thanks Tom.
Free Earth
Free Earth 3 vuotta sitten
Wayne Crews
Wayne Crews 3 vuotta sitten
That’s easy for you to say. Merry Christmas to all of you at Bad Obsession and may your New Year be productive in the shop with videos for us.
Peter Bentley
Peter Bentley 3 vuotta sitten
love this stuff. . . can i ask what software you use for your editing ?
UrbanSparX 3 vuotta sitten
"Bad Cave" Tee shirt opportunity me thinks!
Stuart Young
Stuart Young 3 vuotta sitten
Why not put QR codes in say three or four versions of cryptocurrencies on the screen at the end of the video so viewers can tip you. It works for Andreas Antonopoulos. Who knows? it could be a new revenue stream.
Joe Ferreri
Joe Ferreri 3 vuotta sitten
Ian O'Riordan
Ian O'Riordan 3 vuotta sitten
I'd love to see Binky on Jay Leno's Garage
Sebastian 3 vuotta sitten
I was so excited when I got a notification, love the outtakes but please upload the next part of the build soon 😂 merry Christmas 🎄
Aaron Hawes
Aaron Hawes 3 vuotta sitten
Very funny great stuff
Steve Veness
Steve Veness 3 vuotta sitten
Good things take time. And then there is 4x 4 conversions into a shoe box. Little challenging. Hope you both get to next stage soon guys 😊
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker 3 vuotta sitten
3:50. The kind of arrangement my dad would use as an example of "Don't work under a car jacked like that"....
Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker 3 vuotta sitten
You learn a new thing every day! Thanks for the clarification.
Keith MacDonald
Keith MacDonald 3 vuotta sitten
It's actually on jack stands. There is one just to the right of his arm on the closest frame rail, and one on the other side of the car right behind the head of the jack.
Lawrence5987 3 vuotta sitten
Dan Parker
Dan Parker 3 vuotta sitten
If you don't curse when you work on cars you'r doing something wrong
Nuno dias
Nuno dias 3 vuotta sitten
nice video, Merry Christmas to all of you
RodShop 3 vuotta sitten
Now when friends say "why haven't you posted anything about car work on your channel?" I can point to this and say, "I'm still gathering my outtakes material!" Thanks fellas!
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