Project Binky - Episode 12 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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In episode 12 of Project Binky, we get to grips with the exhaust after finishing off a lot of the bits left earlier on in the build. The quest to build one of the world's fastest Minis continues...
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Jonny M
Jonny M 2 kuukautta sitten
Hah loved the mr flibble Red dwarf reference. I'm now on my 3rd time working through the binky build doing an episode a night. Refreshing my knowledge of binky and noticing some of your comedy that I'd missed last time. First watched all of these last year but really glad I found your channel. I've told so many people about it and everyone loves it. I'm a vehicle mechanic and love watching the engineering going into this.
joe hurst
joe hurst 2 kuukautta sitten
I’m so late to this whole series , arrived as I’m following bargain racement....this series is just brilliant , best automotive series I’ve ever watched , quality of work, engineering solutions , fabrication and ingenuity when faced with a problem is quite something ! Thank you for doing this insane thing and taking the time to record it so we all have the enjoyment of coming along for the ride ...👍🏻 Liked , subbed and binge watching over lockdown..
thfreakinacage 2 kuukautta sitten
The number of jokes from Red Dwarf and Blackadder in this series in incredible. And I approve :P
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 2 kuukautta sitten
Cheers lads have totally enjoyed the vid's so far,and with a big smirk on me face...........BFH....and Smart n Well Hung............Exhaust looks ok aswell....... :-)
Cam Martin
Cam Martin 3 kuukautta sitten
5:18 up yours, baby
glegalee 4 kuukautta sitten
Ok I have to say something because I've heard 2 Red Dwarf references now :D Loving the build boys. Just been binge watching this series. Looking forward to the completion.
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 4 kuukautta sitten
Roasted wieners and toasted buns are so exhausting sometimes....
NeedForWeed 5 kuukautta sitten
HOT CHEEKS AND A bOX UP YOUR BUM. this is why im really watching this not for the metal work and bracketry and custom yet oem looking work
Terence Gillespie
Terence Gillespie 5 kuukautta sitten
Just how many millions is this Mini worth?
Queue 6 kuukautta sitten
wait what? running the exhaust basically throuhg the sump tank? your going to be heating up the oil right before its pumped into the engine!
Boonie Spur
Boonie Spur 6 kuukautta sitten
Yep, watching them all AGAIN!
Kloppertjes 8 kuukautta sitten
4 years later, and probably my 5th rewatch of the series, I'm still sort of expecting Nik to pull a fold-out centerfold from that "welding for dummies" book.
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
Bwahahahah!!! Wood is only acceptable in the rear of the car if you're transporting it or when on a date!!! LMAO!!! :D
freeostyle 9 kuukautta sitten
This is PURE AWSOME !! There are not many build videos out there that are of this quality ! you can just tell there has been a lot of thought and time put into this video. How there is any dislikes at all on this video is beyond me.
Graham Reeve
Graham Reeve 10 kuukautta sitten
Lotus used cardboard spray painted silver for a fire wall in the 60s and that was an F1
Colton 10 kuukautta sitten
22:05 I thought it would
Gumminums 10 kuukautta sitten
Every time I watch an episode I end up wanting tea
Chris White
Chris White 10 kuukautta sitten
Oh, so NOW things start to get tricky....
Nicola Heyes Heyes
Nicola Heyes Heyes 11 kuukautta sitten
Nick I love the way you think ahead
Tore Nyland
Tore Nyland 11 kuukautta sitten
if this car just stay gray primer forever its fine by me
Tom Joad
Tom Joad 11 kuukautta sitten
This Mni is nice and shiny so why using old struts in it? It would have been better to use brand new struts before soldering part upon them ! I'm paused @ 16:38 and felling sick. Why don't you cleaned and repainted all those rusty parts before installing 'em on the chassis? I've known your channel via a comment on a video of a guy restoring his Pontiac Fiero. Build that damm Mini and ask him to clean and paint all those rusty parts !
Tom Joad
Tom Joad 11 kuukautta sitten
THe msuic at 12:20 would be nice with shots of sl-mo flying sparks...
James Edmond
James Edmond Vuosi sitten
@ 5:22, the driveshaft is not straight. Possible source of vibration.
Dean Lowther
Dean Lowther Vuosi sitten
the salmon mousse 🤣
Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson Vuosi sitten
Who else wants Nik to build their car?
BackInBlack_4896 Vuosi sitten
Just came back to watch again the making of that gorgeous exhaust pipe. It's beautiful
Alex Buckland
Alex Buckland Vuosi sitten
I can't help but think a single piece prop would of made things alot easier
Saleem Barmania
Saleem Barmania Vuosi sitten
Waittaminute. When did you shorten the prop shaft? I'm sure I've watched everything so far.
dornye easton
dornye easton Vuosi sitten
I was actually wondering where you were gonna put that . As I remember it was in the boot on the opposite side to the battery . Ah well , go to it boys' :) :)
Blue Vuosi sitten
Looks like I'm in for a long but enjoyable night watching this amazing Mini come together 😀, really enjoying seeing the amazing work going into this car. Good job guys
HojozVideos Vuosi sitten
Today we ask the question: How many more stuffed animal supporter characters will be added before the series ends?
J Schmelzer
J Schmelzer Vuosi sitten
Anyone know what brand/model their new TIG welder is?
Chuck Donks
Chuck Donks Vuosi sitten
@g4rr377 @ThatFatBoyBrett @Nitten @Alex Ortiz @Qwaffle Waffle @ceounicorn @Jono Griffiths, Ohh come on guys 2yrs is not a lot of time to get a massive job like this, the guy still needs to work and make a living and survive too u know...
Chuck Donks
Chuck Donks Vuosi sitten
It looks to me that after u had welded the centre bearing mounts in under the car at the middle of the new tunnel, the front half may well be square to the gearbox although i can see when u step back and look at the whole shaft bolted in that the rear half of the shaft is not also level and square because the entire diff assembly is maybe positioned a little over to the right hand side of the car, or is it that the rear of the tunnel is welded more towards the left hand side of the car instead maybe? Sorry i dont mean to pick at yr beautiful work, as iv been trying and i think iv done very well not to actually pick on or point out anything at all throughout the entire build series of video's u had already posted so far till this point in time.. If u can please forgive my utter rudeness as Im honestly not in any way at all trying to put shyte on u or any of yr amazingly difficult and time consuming beautiful work U'v so far done on yr absolutely awesome four legged sleeper Mini Monster u have there, its just that i reckon i could have really helped u with so many great ideas that would have helped u make it soo much even sexier is all brother... :)
Road Runner
Road Runner Vuosi sitten
The commentary on these videos makes it a winner everytime for me. I love that jig too
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Vuosi sitten
You can see the guy getting older its taking that long, but he is absolutely amazingly skilled.
Mosquito Vuosi sitten
That Downpipe will make the Oil boil in the sump Yea baby xD
stef2198 Vuosi sitten
is there any need to purge the exhaust with argon when welding?
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport Vuosi sitten
Not with fuse welding post turbo.
802 Garage
802 Garage Vuosi sitten
Had to look up Mr. Flibble. Well that was time for something completely different!
BackInBlack_4896 Vuosi sitten
I should have already appreciated your talent when you introduced your jig in the first episode, but now I fully do so. Congratulations on your talent and craftsmanship
benjamin mellingen
benjamin mellingen Vuosi sitten
I haven't been able to do any work for the last two days. I'm lost in these amazing videos.
Robby Stokoe
Robby Stokoe Vuosi sitten
Kudos for teaching me the word exsanguination.
Jud Nichols
Jud Nichols Vuosi sitten
You guys are a Stitch (as we say in the Colonies). So what if you're a little behind in your rent (won't tell the Mrs.). Kelly's Heroes is my favorite movie ("mother beautiful bridge and it's going to be there"). There can't be a bigger waste of time than watching you waste time but, I can't stop. Be Wild, Jud,
Andrew McCullough
Andrew McCullough Vuosi sitten
Mr Flibble!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Joe Fro
Joe Fro Vuosi sitten
honesty you should use a dry sump. you really dont want to fight oil issues
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt 2 vuotta sitten
think you missed an opportunity to play 2001 space odyssey tune during the turning of the jig..
GBracing 2 vuotta sitten
Solid series guys! great to see professional work on youtube for once. .. Any concern about overheating the oil with the exhaust running so close to the sump?
Toto Guy
Toto Guy 2 vuotta sitten
Are those cheap grinders any good are they as good as a bigger named brand? i have a drill of that brand which is pretty good but i do like my Milwaukee grinder and its a dream to use.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
Swapped to Makita now.
nmo888 2 vuotta sitten
I’ve got through 12 episodes in two days,surely i win a prize. It is Christmas Day !
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. 2 vuotta sitten
i just had to watch this one again.
Glenn Normand
Glenn Normand 2 vuotta sitten
you need to be featured on a TV show.
Robert Rishel
Robert Rishel 2 vuotta sitten
It’s absolutely KILLING me to see you guys mixing in scabby, nasty old rusty parts onto all of this great fabrication work! A little cleaning time and paint.... please!!!!
Cur M
Cur M 2 vuotta sitten
I'm binge watching this in 2018. It is BEYOND awesome. Why they started with an old Mini is beyond me, though. They should have just got a 100% brand new shell (composed of new panels) and commenced from there. No rust remediation at all, bigger wheel arches, and MUCH less to cut away due to perished material. Oh yes, you can specify your back shelf speaker holes, too. Beautiful, clean, nice speaker holes...
Terrance Barrett
Terrance Barrett 2 vuotta sitten
Wow, you guys are very talented! Well done...
Snowhite808 2 vuotta sitten
Superb build. The 3inch exhaust is way overkill for that motor though .
Robert Klipstein
Robert Klipstein 2 vuotta sitten
21:08....BFH? BIG F'N ???
Numinous 2 vuotta sitten
Strange that these Englishmen don't use the Oxford comma o.0
john beer
john beer 2 vuotta sitten
have some engagement
TheBitFox 2 vuotta sitten
At this point i'm wondering, why didn't you just buy replacement parts and build it all lego style? Ther's no original part besides the roof leftr anyway lol.
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson 2 vuotta sitten
What's the music at about 12.20 in? I want it!
Pasi Palo-oja
Pasi Palo-oja 2 vuotta sitten
Looks like you have more gray hair here than when you started the project :D
C&D General Services
C&D General Services 2 vuotta sitten
Late to the show but epic Red Dwarf shout out @ 08:50 !!
My Opinion
My Opinion 2 vuotta sitten
i had to be taking a drink right when the comment about wood in the back of the car comment happened, almost showered my pc in coffee.
Donald Sayers
Donald Sayers 2 vuotta sitten
BFH! :-D
mcfortner911 2 vuotta sitten
When you get finished with this car, you need to get the Boys From The Dwarf to test drive it.
idemchuk0506 2 vuotta sitten
Great videos. please keep them coming.
Bob Eden
Bob Eden 2 vuotta sitten
Wish I had a workshop like that!
Bob Eden
Bob Eden 2 vuotta sitten
I used to have two large curved arms that bolted onto the wheel hubs and allowed the car to roll over, more like a roll cradle.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 vuotta sitten
'Spreader bar' = Whiffletree or even Whippletree. That's all, over.
Current Batches
Current Batches 2 vuotta sitten
18:15 Are those temporary? No cushioning?
ross amer
ross amer 2 vuotta sitten
The Arnold rimmer Mr flibble joke had me lol is he gonna fry you with his x ray vision lol
Matt J
Matt J 2 vuotta sitten
No back purging??
melonbobful 2 vuotta sitten
This series even expands my vocabulary. It has it all! Oh and wouldn't some heat shielding between the exhaust pipe and backseat plating stop burnt bum syndrome?
MadSam !
MadSam ! 2 vuotta sitten
BFH? A DOOM reference?
V Sohn
V Sohn 2 vuotta sitten
OMG. Your guys have to be the most entertaining motorhead build stories that I have ever encounter. Amazing skills and no shortage of great lines. Keep it up mate. Netflix should scoop you up but I am not so sure, for they likely will ruin it.
melonbobful 3 vuotta sitten
Couldn't you shove some heat shield crud in between the exhaust pipe and back seat so the unseatbelted rear passenger just gets thrown throught the windscreen and not arse cooked?
Alexx Conroy
Alexx Conroy 3 vuotta sitten
Nigel Pearson
Nigel Pearson 3 vuotta sitten
Laminated, lightweight, cardboard exhausts _are_ the future!
CANIZARES76 3 vuotta sitten
Hi. Congratulation for the work. Your rotisserie drives me crazy.
PR0P41N 3 vuotta sitten
22:19 "Pretty smart and really well hung. And I've finished the exhaust"
Jonas Sjöblad
Jonas Sjöblad 3 vuotta sitten
The problem is in a joint you can't put it in 0Degrees. The bearings will not spin and reduce the life of the shaft. Love your work tho
Lawrence Selly
Lawrence Selly 3 vuotta sitten
A Thought occurs. Why did you not purge the exhaust with Argon before, and during, fully welding it? The welds will be really susceptible to cracking, especially with the solid nature of your exhaust + engine mounts, that's a lot of vibration.
Martin Wooder
Martin Wooder 3 vuotta sitten
It’s disgusting that people like this with genuine talent get less views than someone ‘reacting’ to others videos. Ie not making anything
Julian V.
Julian V. 3 vuotta sitten
Jens Löffler
Jens Löffler 3 vuotta sitten
Hi guys, Thanks for your british humor, i must grin when i am looking your videos. Always. And sorry for my bad english. But what is this music starting on 27:06? It's great.
Adam Ski [Kijowski]
Adam Ski [Kijowski] 3 vuotta sitten
Fantastic techniques.
Synnik Shifter
Synnik Shifter 3 vuotta sitten
Any one else notice the disc brake for the rear negative jig thing? 😂😂👌👌
Alex Katsaros
Alex Katsaros 3 vuotta sitten
Vreat stuff lads! Giving me inspiration !
seigisama 3 vuotta sitten
Oyy, hold on. Forgive me if this has been covered but, you're going to need fixings for at least one Oxygen sensor on the exhaust system. Possibly two if you plan on using the Celica's factory ECU. I'm sure the wide-band for tuning will be in the down-pipe.
Railz28 3 vuotta sitten
When's Nick going to weld in a red and white checked Gingham dress?
Graham Brechin
Graham Brechin 3 vuotta sitten
I hope you are paying royalties for the stream of Monty Python gags ;)
Kaptain 1964
Kaptain 1964 3 vuotta sitten
Shame you missed the opportunity to say you are "exhausted" ! Lol
Super Vortex
Super Vortex 3 vuotta sitten
you not finished friggin little car yet
Zylon FPV
Zylon FPV 3 vuotta sitten
Your "blue jig thing" is a work of art whilst also being possibly the most useful thing ever!
Dawid S
Dawid S 3 vuotta sitten
Lighting: Lou Menz You guys are great.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
Albert Windes
Albert Windes 3 vuotta sitten
dry sump!!! no oil starvation in the corners, no crankshaft whipping through the oil, and you can relocate the oil somewhere else for space conservation, not to mention the oil cooling benefits of keeping it a little farther away from the exhaust!
driver churchyard
driver churchyard 3 vuotta sitten
best of british craftsmanship
Aslak Zissou
Aslak Zissou 3 vuotta sitten
You weld the stainless tube with no purge gas or filler? is that the way to do it? (seriously.. I have no clue and at some point in life I will have to make a exhaust from shiny pipes)
HERI RA 3 vuotta sitten
Weareallbeingwatched 3 vuotta sitten
My word... this is *severe* graft. It will likely be a naughty mini by the end of it... but almost 100% welding bead. This is not far off additive manufacturing.
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