Project Binky - Episode 17 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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Bad Obsession Motorsport

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In episode 17 of Project Binky, we get down and dirty with finishing off the custom HVAC unit for the Mini. It's a long and involved process that took far more time than we possibly imagined, but now it's done we move on to fix some other drawbacks of the mini in modern day motoring.
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Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
Thanks very much for all the kind comments everyone! We read them all and appreciate them. Cheers!
daemonllama78 Vuosi sitten
What's the music around the 17 min mark?
ddd228/Dave in Seattle.
ddd228/Dave in Seattle. 2 vuotta sitten
@Robot Munkee If you have to ask,you are out of the market.
aserta 2 vuotta sitten
Only noticed the educational qvip. Nice.
Reinout 2 vuotta sitten
Jason Campbell yes I am dreaming of a garage. Illl settle for something small as long as I can work in it. Working in the driveway is less than ideal
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 2 vuotta sitten
Reinout + so your dreaming about a garage? 40-80? That's feet not meters but the meter version sounds nice too, seriously the meter version sounds ridiculously awesome.
Sam Rong
Sam Rong Päivä sitten
oh G,I love all the work you've done!marvels!great job!
Dana Vixen
Dana Vixen 15 päivää sitten
Charles Pletzke
Charles Pletzke 26 päivää sitten
I feel like the glove compartment should just be large enough for some important car documents (not sure what is needed in the UK) and no bigger. Can’t need to be more than a couple mil deep.
Elli P
Elli P Uukausi sitten
22:45 - Noooo! I hate it when that happens! It's like the moment at a gig when the singer's just about to deliver the greatest vocal line in rock history which will have 75,000 fans punching the air and thinking 'Yes!'... And then he points the microphone at the crowd and says, "You all know this one; YOU sing it." What? Totally ruins the gig, life, the universe and everything. I always go on a murderous post-gig rampage after a disappointment like that. Millions die. Brews are made and choccy Hobnobs are consumed until the red mist clears and the pain goes away. Now, you skiving bar steward, repeat after me: "Make the NOI-I-I-ISE..." :-)
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett Uukausi sitten
After watching the series, I estimate about 8,200 hours of, at $35 an hour the labor is about $180,000. Parts/materials/outsourced work another $40,000. Binky is $220,000 car🤯
neil kelly
neil kelly Uukausi sitten
Fit like a bought one or fit like a bourbon?
mrjoel59 Uukausi sitten
Clampett Jedd
Possle Uukausi sitten
Although I've seen all the episodes of this before, it still amazes me. Away on business during local lockdowns let's my get my bracket making fix on. 2.33 why tig the studs and not mig?
Nick W
Nick W 2 kuukautta sitten
This is what Tim Berners-Lee had in mind when he invented the internet. Probably. I can hardly put into words how amazing you two are. Just fantastic.
Andrew Miltimore
Andrew Miltimore 2 kuukautta sitten
Great system, where will the AC coil condensate drain to? Will it be piped away in final installation? Catch container?
John PM
John PM 3 kuukautta sitten
Error! You do use both aircon and heater at the same time.... that's how you demist quicker! Dry warm air works faster, the aircon dries and the heater warms the air...
Sup Dude
Sup Dude 3 kuukautta sitten
How the heck did they get a duck
Huntracony 3 kuukautta sitten
No, I get it. AC is mandatory. What would be the point of making a cool car if you can only use it when the sun isn't shining?
Paul Inman
Paul Inman 3 kuukautta sitten
The subtitles changed Shropshire to Iraqi. Bit random.
Kirk Oglesby
Kirk Oglesby 3 kuukautta sitten
This is going to be the most precision Mini on earth and dependable to boot.
EnlightenedSavage 3 kuukautta sitten
Why wouldn't you just draw air from inside the cabin. This is more efficient and saves alot of work.
Handsome Rob
Handsome Rob 4 kuukautta sitten
With the amount of work that’s gone into this build I believe you’ll have the first million dollar mini
Ratspeed Garage
Ratspeed Garage 4 kuukautta sitten
MidnightAmratha 4 kuukautta sitten
Not sure who added the text but it looks like there was a bit of hearing imparement involved.
phil mitchell
phil mitchell 6 kuukautta sitten
August Zeidman
August Zeidman 6 kuukautta sitten
I am now watching this whole series through for the fourth time and every time I find myself laughing out loud at all the little jokes I'd forgotten. BOM is the best!
microstorm 7 kuukautta sitten
19:45 🤣
comicsman30 7 kuukautta sitten
I have questions... Do you guys not have access to vintage air in the uk? In the us vintage air makes hvac kits that are of good quality and not expensive. Car builders and engine swappers swear by them.
Lucas Rudd
Lucas Rudd 8 kuukautta sitten
Once i had to repair an ally intercooler on a water truck on site so it could be driven to our workshop to be repaired propperly. What a cunt that was.. these boys are fearless
That Jim Dude
That Jim Dude 8 kuukautta sitten
And now for something completely different: a duck.
Mike Scudder
Mike Scudder 8 kuukautta sitten
He made a mini bead roller for the tubes going through the bulkhead?! Respect.
David Campbell
David Campbell 8 kuukautta sitten
Did he cut one too narrow?
Alex Manning
Alex Manning 8 kuukautta sitten
I am in awe!
MidnightAmratha 8 kuukautta sitten
We have text in this video, sadly some gaffs are occuring.
Jovin Tagle
Jovin Tagle 8 kuukautta sitten
Best show in FIpost, if I might say so myself.
Lawn Gone Tractor Shop
Lawn Gone Tractor Shop 8 kuukautta sitten
Came for the festidious fabrication,stayed for the funk! Awesome job on this project,thanks for sharing
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
I RIPPED myself when you cut your hair with the Plasma Cutter!!! :D :D :D :D OMG!! LOL
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller 8 kuukautta sitten
If I read the gauge correctly did he pressure test the evap to about 2 bar or 30psi? Would have been better to up it to 100 psi to be sure. Ask me how I know this. Once bitten twice shy.
Matt Williams
Matt Williams 8 kuukautta sitten
great video
Jone Nascimento
Jone Nascimento 8 kuukautta sitten
The excitement of Nik at the end got me.
koray uğurlar
koray uğurlar 9 kuukautta sitten
JayinMI 9 kuukautta sitten
Where can you get that flexible hvac hose? Or at least, what is it called so I can find it in "The Colonies."
Pogla The Grate
Pogla The Grate 9 kuukautta sitten
Jonny 5 is alive
Rob Frye
Rob Frye 9 kuukautta sitten
I love these videos, and your fabrication skills are amazing- I've learned a lot! However, I'm perplexed by your drill press! The spindle/chuck is running way out of true! How can you tolerate this, and why do you not fix it? That would drive me f'n nuts!
Marout Yasuo Sluijter - Borms
Marout Yasuo Sluijter - Borms 9 kuukautta sitten
Don't you need a pitot tube to make sure sufficient air gets into the fan motor?
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 11 kuukautta sitten
That HVAC looks like it came from the factory like that maybe a little better than factory lol a lot
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 11 kuukautta sitten
That heater box is very creative y'all rock
Jay Burrough
Jay Burrough 11 kuukautta sitten
Remember blowing bubbles when you where little....I saw him he said hi guy's ... LoL 😂 y'all crack me up
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 11 kuukautta sitten
This is utterly brilliant! I've never witnessed such a complete customization of an existing car. It would be less intensive to build a car from scratch.
Kurt Sumthinorother
Kurt Sumthinorother 11 kuukautta sitten
The heat valve looks like a Honda piece after the mods 🤔
Bryan Anderson
Bryan Anderson 11 kuukautta sitten
The latin on the whiteboard gets me every time I watch this...misspent childhood.
HarryVoyager 11 kuukautta sitten
Sixty years from now, somebody is going to find this thing in a barn, open the good and have absolutely no idea what the blazes is going on with that mini. Either that or it will be the last surviving "intact" mini, and somehow car historians will conclude that all minis were like that.
Lawrence Stedy
Lawrence Stedy Vuosi sitten
Your work is second to none. Attention to detail OMG 😲 it's gonner be a brute can not wait to see if painted. Proper job done love your work. Now get the funk on boys
James Edmond
James Edmond Vuosi sitten
Drawing your air from inside the passenger compartment, would increase the efficiency of the HVAC system, ie. recirculate the pass. comp. air.
Keeperof Themountain
Keeperof Themountain Vuosi sitten
I am a bit late to the party and I have no time to read all 2300 + comments on this lovely masterpiece. I must say I am glad that you dropped the Duck, (Which I named "Dr, D" as he is a Quack) and went with the steel. The duck eats much more than the steel and is much more bother to clean up after.
Geoffrey Carter
Geoffrey Carter Vuosi sitten
Every time he pulls out a new part: "This is ALL wrong, we are hacking it to pieces and building it into something unrecognizable with various power tools." This car will be a work of art by the end.
Ruth Ann Cutler
Ruth Ann Cutler Vuosi sitten
This episode was just ducky!
Twotone Vuosi sitten
As I recall, the flaps are at the front?
loman4659 Vuosi sitten
I actually googled “welding for dummies” to see if it’s a real book. By the way what happened to the duck after that?
scottibass Vuosi sitten
James Vuosi sitten
I'm just wondering if you considered using a tiny car like a 'smart fortwo' or something as a donor for things like heaters and AC? Not trying to criticize I just want to know if that could be a good option as well since I'm now inspired to do my own mini build. I've had 2 heater cores bust on me in subarus and I don't know if I'd trust myself to build one if even manufacturer made ones can bust just from a bit of snow.
Marlo Breding
Marlo Breding Vuosi sitten
You said "you would never run both heater and AC at the same time." Wrong in winter to defrost windows the air is dried by running the AC and collecting excess moisture on the evaporator core and the reason you added a weep hole at the bottom of the case.
philip rogers
philip rogers Vuosi sitten
I'm not over-educated.
Paul and Sarah Caravan life
Paul and Sarah Caravan life Vuosi sitten
Just started watching this mini build. Great stuff guys and funny. Nearly spat my coffee everywhere when I saw the great Edd China in shot. Great to see him. Even if he is only makin tea and sweeping up 🤣
vvoodee Vuosi sitten
Do Chocolate Hobnobs contain cocaine? Why are they so addictive?
Caitlin Sculpts
Caitlin Sculpts Vuosi sitten
no matter how many times I watch this I'm still puzzled by the Purple Flames when drilling through the bulkhead with the stepper drill
Jack Newmeyer
Jack Newmeyer Vuosi sitten
Hey! Guys. When are we going see Blinky on the road.
jerry Vuosi sitten
3rd time watching the series and this episode always makes me chuckle when you say hull as a person from hull it always sounds odd when I hear the h pronounced to us its just ull well unless your posh hahaha anyway great work love the series and can never wait for the next video
Mike Lavigne
Mike Lavigne Vuosi sitten
How many man hours does Binky have in it????
bvcxz gt
bvcxz gt Vuosi sitten
That was pretty impressive funk. Very nice.
bvcxz gt
bvcxz gt Vuosi sitten
It's amazing how much trouble a pair of pricks can cause.
yobgow Vuosi sitten
I love your work but Jesus, why would you want to use that fucking horrible dash? It makes American dash's look stylish ffs.
Richard French
Richard French Vuosi sitten
"No ducks or ducts were harmed in the making of this video..."
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Vuosi sitten
Music at 16:50 sounds like it belongs on Bush Tucker Man
Forlorn79 Vuosi sitten
That HVAC is worth more than my car.
James Ilko
James Ilko Vuosi sitten
They may want to consider adding some insolation to the AC lines running from the bulkhead to the core to prevent condensation.
Belozw Vuosi sitten
Awesome! :D
plunder1956 Vuosi sitten
Building your own heating system is crazy. Altering a Matrix made me cover my eyes. This bloke Schrodinger wants a word about his cat; it's still in the fuel tank.
Blistikmoo Vuosi sitten
Wait that’s a real duck how tf did you get that?
Chris Weir
Chris Weir Vuosi sitten
I'm a year late to this. Binge watching while off work with a rib injury. My daily tea consumption has doubled and I'm oddly aware of certain blokes being overdue for a haircut. Top stuff guys, really entertaining and great to see how fabrication is done with care , precision and passion. Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life.
MomoJojo Vuosi sitten
Where'd the bloody duck come from?
NJAAHK BackYard BodyWorks
NJAAHK BackYard BodyWorks Vuosi sitten
Hey guys, that was epic...I have a Triumph GT6 that I am currently I am still a far cry from interior work, I have not given it much thought...until now...I would love to put in AC and now the gears are loving the build...keep it up!! Happy Rebellion Day from the Colonies.
richuwtbetts Vuosi sitten
Use rope instead of wire when putting screen in next time and it not snap, also if you pull it at more angle it will make it a lot easy to install 😁👍
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ostrom Vuosi sitten
plasma haircut rocks dude!
JoeyLovesTrains Vuosi sitten
The dedication in this project is amazing and inspiring!
Connor King
Connor King Vuosi sitten
Honestly, that HVAC box is pretty well designed.
Monty Crain
Monty Crain Vuosi sitten
You guys should be on Motor Trend TV.
João Read
João Read Vuosi sitten
That... was... insane... I commend you guys for your infinite patience and skills... this coming from a bloke that installed an LPG system on a Smart (lots of patience needed and just a bit of skill)... now please please finish this before my 80ssss :)
Miller Corner
Miller Corner Vuosi sitten
18:35 is without a doubt the COOLEST piece of engineering work I've ever seen!
Andrew Quinton
Andrew Quinton Vuosi sitten
Top gags this episode lads.
NimbleSeaUrchin Vuosi sitten
"... IN COLOUR!!!" gets me every time
Jonathan baker
Jonathan baker Vuosi sitten
That’s pure cock teasing going on there.
Ben Swanson
Ben Swanson Vuosi sitten
you very clever bastards!
Gingerelvis Vuosi sitten
The MJ joke still makes me laugh
Marineio Vuosi sitten
Bit late to the party, but some Ford models (KA, Transit) also use electronic solenoid valves for their heater matrix valves - maybe of use if you were to have trouble with yours.
Will Singh
Will Singh Vuosi sitten
I'm trying to think of a cheeky comment to make about the time this series is taking but with age your brain slows down.
KongQuest Kustoms
KongQuest Kustoms Vuosi sitten
Amazing work!!!
Acme Vuosi sitten
Where the hell did you get a duck?! haha
scottyk Vuosi sitten
I'm telling ya ALIENS
scottyk Vuosi sitten
blow bubbles like
scottyk Vuosi sitten
I wanna be these guys friends!!
John M
John M Vuosi sitten
What's the music at 26:54? Tanks
Trevor B. Yokkanan
Trevor B. Yokkanan 2 vuotta sitten
Every episode is like watching the best bits of A-Team! I want a Plasma Cutter!
Twotone Vuosi sitten
I believe there are places in the high street where you can get your hair cut, cheaper than a plasma cutter.
Heiko Quant
Heiko Quant 2 vuotta sitten
This is for YoutTube, what Breaking Bad and The Wire was for TV. I am so impressed and thankful for hours of stellar entertainment. I am also glad I found it at a place in time, where I was able to binge watch it. I am a DIY buff myself, but the amount of quality work you put into that mini is absolutely astounding. Loved every minute of it so far.
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