Project Binky - Episode 13 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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In episode 13 of Project Binky, the Mini gets a new fuel tank, we finish off the parcel shelf, complete the firewall and take a look at the wheel situation. There's homemade contraptions, MIG welding, TIG welding and a shed load of grinding action! And tea, lots of tea.
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Strike86 Uukausi sitten
That "3-pinter" tank joke is very underrated
Rob Love
Rob Love Uukausi sitten
I'll go along with your pronunciation of aluminum but will draw the line at Celica.
PK F 2 kuukautta sitten
This whole series should be legally required viewing for anyone wanting to build a custom.
Thomas Pigg
Thomas Pigg 2 kuukautta sitten
I love all the videos you guys make, but the outro of this one was particularly funny!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!
demonic477 2 kuukautta sitten
I always avoided bringing up the fact that if you look up the history of aluminum and in to the English gentleman who discovered it you will find he named it aluminum despite all the other people trying to change the name to aluminium .
RPM 3 kuukautta sitten
This is such incredible, beautiful work. I am not a fabricator or engineer, but the precision and detail of this is so awe inspring.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 kuukautta sitten
Thank you.
LegacyMuse 3 kuukautta sitten
You've got Them Crooked Vultures working for you? No wonder they haven't put out a second album, then.
Dune1884 3 kuukautta sitten
Thank you for making the noise👍
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 3 kuukautta sitten
Nice Shiny Tank in the Trunk. Who's Al and why do you keep asking if he got a Mini for his Mum?
Liam Holcroft
Liam Holcroft 3 kuukautta sitten
that Red Dwarf gag was brilliant!
Ken Morton
Ken Morton 4 kuukautta sitten
Is this a conman channel
Ralph Brook
Ralph Brook 5 kuukautta sitten
Feeling so personally involved what with Ralph the lama😂😂
fiddley 6 kuukautta sitten
It’s 52mm to allow for the cutting tool which will give us a 2 INCH extension. Whaaaaa.... 😆
sean fleming
sean fleming 6 kuukautta sitten
Ryan King
Ryan King 6 kuukautta sitten
The 3 pint tank joke is still my favourite of the series.
Merijn van Schaik
Merijn van Schaik 6 kuukautta sitten
I can't figure out why he drilled the two rowes of little holes that apperantly needs to be plugwelded up afterwards. Can someone explain?
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
We could use AlOOminum but instead we will use Allyouminium, because that's what it's called!! LMFAO!!! :D :D :D
Jimmy Hendricks
Jimmy Hendricks 8 kuukautta sitten
Their welder goes to 11. OMG, wonder how many caught that reference.
lucky bk
lucky bk 9 kuukautta sitten
lmao "we're both suckers for an enormous box" 4:08
Karl Mochel
Karl Mochel 9 kuukautta sitten
If only this was on Netflix...
Sean Boxer
Sean Boxer 9 kuukautta sitten
No lateral strap for the gas tank?
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 9 kuukautta sitten
Nik and Richard want to be Posh,
Chris Sutherland
Chris Sutherland 9 kuukautta sitten
So glad I stumbled across this channel ❤️
Gareth Reece
Gareth Reece 10 kuukautta sitten
Got put onto this by a mate a few weeks ago and (as a trucker getting distracted by Escargo first) I'm now playing catchup. Great work gents! PS Love the Them Crooked Vultures credits :)
david sharpe
david sharpe 10 kuukautta sitten
The humorous comment is typically British, do you think Americans can understand it?
Tom Joad
Tom Joad 11 kuukautta sitten
Alumimnium, 'casue that's what it's called ! ROTFL !
Bugster42 11 kuukautta sitten
didnt'seeyoumake the tank baffls
Rob Vuosi sitten
Needs an exhaust heat shield.
Dazad1972 Vuosi sitten
do you guys by any chance like Red Dwarf? lol
Phillip Thomas
Phillip Thomas Vuosi sitten
Was that the bit of flat that didn't look flat?
Sillyhatday Vuosi sitten
That Red Dwarf ending, I can't handle it
Hugh Matthews
Hugh Matthews Vuosi sitten
As an American friend said recently "You guys really _do_ say Alumínium, don't ya"....
John James
John James Vuosi sitten
Whoever doesn’t appreciate this series is a dick at least there are only 111 of them
John James
John James Vuosi sitten
Totally inspiring I’m gonna tackle my loose carzy seat
Woodsman Vuosi sitten
with all respect do you know why they always put the fuel tank under the car not in front or the back of car safety imagine that car get hit in the back what will happen that's why many years ago jeep company recalled many models of there car because everytime Accident happen the car catch on fire and people die so I think should be under the car by the way love the videos keep up
Shadetree Mechanic Racing
Shadetree Mechanic Racing Vuosi sitten
Spare tire continental kit....or strap it to the roof.
PHOTO4STYLE Sebastian jankowski
PHOTO4STYLE Sebastian jankowski Vuosi sitten
YOKOHAMA A539 215/45R17 ?
Mohammed Taha
Mohammed Taha Vuosi sitten
29:13 this is not safe ! even if same rim material is used (and it isn't) the stiffness of the original rim according to the fabrication tech. now you added different properties material and also welding ! with shocks, temperature water and moisture .. I think this isn't safe at all
plunder1956 Vuosi sitten
How many gallons does that tank hold. It's huge!
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole Vuosi sitten
DVD box settttttttt... :D
Wes Smith
Wes Smith Vuosi sitten
I've only just come across this channel, it has to be the best thing that I've ever viewed on FIpost. Engineering and fabrication of the very highest quality.
802 Garage
802 Garage Vuosi sitten
Alright, you lost me with the bit at the end this time. No idea what the reference is. 😂😂😂
BackInBlack_4896 Vuosi sitten
Them Crooked Vultures in the end credits, plus The Jimi Hendrix Experience in the other episode. I just love these details
Frazza001 Vuosi sitten
These vids are so great, i love all the Black Adder references too :D
Austin Ramsey
Austin Ramsey Vuosi sitten
Thats a pretty rockin Haberdasher you've got listed in the credits...
KongQuest Kustoms
KongQuest Kustoms Vuosi sitten
I absolutely love your series!
АЛЕКСАНДР Шевченко Vuosi sitten
have you grounded the tank?
Karen Murray
Karen Murray Vuosi sitten
just brilliant !!
HJ Visagie
HJ Visagie Vuosi sitten
May I ask what brand of Tig welder U used?
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport Vuosi sitten
It's from SIP Industrial
Trevor B. Yokkanan
Trevor B. Yokkanan Vuosi sitten
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 2 vuotta sitten
why do you need the beads rolled, is it to improve rigidity?
Don't Sub
Don't Sub 2 vuotta sitten
Normally welders (who are better at grinding then welding) don't know about Schrodinger's cat. Not even good welders normally know about that cat...??!
PAM MOTORSPORT 2 vuotta sitten
A moke tank would have worked.
Glenn Normand
Glenn Normand 2 vuotta sitten
these are so good, I can't stop watching.
treant raves
treant raves 2 vuotta sitten
+1 for Schrodinger.
Dan Walker
Dan Walker 2 vuotta sitten
So many appropriated BlackAdder jokes...
Michael Vann
Michael Vann 2 vuotta sitten
Wait.... I’m from America, what exotic metal are you making the fuel tank from and where can I find it?
BaoBou's Travel
BaoBou's Travel 2 vuotta sitten
25:48 "With those in, it's a little stiffer up the rear end." Ahhhh... I was waiting for that :)
matt vanders
matt vanders 2 vuotta sitten
Just a quick one for if you ever test a fuel tank or other tanks, do not do a pneumatic test on but instead do a hydraulic test on it. It’s the safer way of doing it. I’m a pressure survey for an insurance company so hopefully I know what I am talking about. Other than that top work.
Numinous 2 vuotta sitten
Always like those Brits throwing extra syllables and extra letters in perfectly fine words ;-P
NickJustWill 2 vuotta sitten
british people are legends...
Mike Bravo
Mike Bravo 2 vuotta sitten
Surely I was going to like this video anyway, but the aluminium correction meant it was inevitable. Sorry for calling you Surely.
Mrcaffinebean 2 vuotta sitten
So man hilarious moments from guys with serious skill. Love this series!
GetUpFalcon 2 vuotta sitten
"But instead, we're gonna use...." hahahahahahha
Pete Sadler
Pete Sadler 2 vuotta sitten
Wouldn't a plasma cutter make life easier ? they cause a lot of sparks and look really dangerous, you'd love it!
Doug S
Doug S 2 vuotta sitten
There is no "i" after the "n" in aluminum. Americans use the original and correct pronunciation. The tosser who named it changed things up later to make it sound more like the rest of the elements.
Izzy PlusPlusPlus
Izzy PlusPlusPlus 2 vuotta sitten
Just a humble question for the imbibers of tea who might read this, are haircuts by circular saw a regular occurrance in english culture?
Mud 2 vuotta sitten
Back by Popular Demand... The noise!!!
Joe Ellerington
Joe Ellerington 2 vuotta sitten
Love the Red Dwarf references! (and the car obvs)
paul platts
paul platts 2 vuotta sitten
i love all the red dwarf references fellas.
Bill 2 vuotta sitten
It's a little stiffer up the rear end 🤣
Patrick Byrne
Patrick Byrne 2 vuotta sitten
I always appreciate a good 'Them Crooked Vultures' reference.
The Full Metal Chicken
The Full Metal Chicken 2 vuotta sitten
I'm not an engineer nore do I play one on TV, but doesn't a fuel tank of that size, on a car like this need something to keep all that liquid from slopping around?
Tim Cotterill
Tim Cotterill 2 vuotta sitten
You guys are the best, loving the quotes from red dwarf. You have an avid follower
Stevie Athers.
Stevie Athers. 2 vuotta sitten
Ingenious boy’s and l’m loving this project 👍 Keep the good work up as I’ve nearly caught up lol 😆 Stevie
MrWombatty 2 vuotta sitten
Bit surprised that you guys didn't think about scrapping the whole idea of actually having a usable backseat before replacing the seat-back, then it would've been possible to make room in the boot for a tank & spare! Put your luggage in behind front seats like I used to, mainly because I had twin-tanks & a really wide spare!
DarkLordDylan 2 vuotta sitten
Just a quick fuel tank tip. If you dump out all the fuel you can there's obviously still vapors and a bit of nonsense left. But if you let a car warm up to operating temperature and stick the tailpipe into a hole in the tank for about 10 minutes. It'll flash off the remaining fuel and replace the flammable vapors with non-flammable ones so you can cut and weld it with a pretty reasonable degree of safety. I know I'm a year late but yeah.
Jarod Martin
Jarod Martin 2 vuotta sitten
What vehicle is the window wiper motor from. I pulled one off a 1991 nissan pickup. Tried using a 12v dc adapter for a old computer but the motor freezes when to much pressure is applied. Any suggestions. I'm sure it's not your specialty but I love the way you think outside of the box.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
Rover 25
sidewaysdanny 2 vuotta sitten
Aluminium. Because that's what it's called.
Nigel Pearson
Nigel Pearson 2 vuotta sitten
Old news now, but why plug weld the baffles? They are not structural. Surely just a TIG tack inside would suffice - and have the added advantage of keeping shine on these big sheets!
melonbobful 3 vuotta sitten
I don't understand why that wheel thing is dangerous?
melonbobful 3 vuotta sitten
You could upwardly displace the air in the fuel tank with welding shielding gas and then grind the neck off with gay abandon.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+melonbobful 😁
Paul Bottomley
Paul Bottomley 3 vuotta sitten
I love all your references, because your sense of humour clearly matches my own. Lots of the things I say are from Blackadder and Red Dwarf, too, and I instantly knew I'd love this series when I found it like a week ago when I heard the theme music and recognised it as that of Sam and Max - heck even the driving looks similar :D
Brains Ironically
Brains Ironically 3 vuotta sitten
For a dude who's so prickly about the pronunciation of aluminium, you don't seem to know how to pronounce Toluene.
DC73 3 vuotta sitten
And what does the Uncertainty principle inform you, of the probability, of completing Blinky by the end of 2018? LOL
julzhickman 3 vuotta sitten
blame Websters
demonic477 3 vuotta sitten
I want a ralph plushy so bad but they don't sell them in there shop Sad Face
eel1331 3 vuotta sitten
Its aluminum!
Railz28 3 vuotta sitten
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
you made the bunder soo did I
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
you made the bunder soo did I
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
david galeski
david galeski 3 vuotta sitten
I like this#
Gilly bird
Gilly bird 3 vuotta sitten
Q: Does the racing/rally series you plan on using this car for NOT require an internal bladder in your custom tank? Or, is the firewall between the driver's compartment and the rear tank area sufficient enough. If an internal bladder was required, how would you have fabricated it -- or would it have been outsourced?
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
It's being built as a road car and not intended for any competition.
speedbuggy16v 3 vuotta sitten
day late and a dollar short, but a VW MKI golf diesel accessory tank may have fit right in there. Oh and the lathe adaptation is brilliant, but yea, I will stay on this side of the pond while its running!
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
+speedbuggy16v Don't blame you
Doug Oates
Doug Oates 3 vuotta sitten
Right then. After many re-views (and pints) to consider the vermouth-quality extra-dry humor, Episode 13 is the biscuits, or the daddy.... Why? I'm baffled by the inquisition. So, Nik and Rich, how's about another MTV heritage nod, for an Unplugged Q&A Session, Part Neux. Cheerio.
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 3 vuotta sitten
We'll try!
blindabinda123 3 vuotta sitten
you guys do the best work
georgi todorov
georgi todorov 3 vuotta sitten
I'm re-watching all episodes, just spot that 28:00 moment of 'mad scientist'. Just killed me :D Love you guys!
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