Project Binky - Episode 2 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

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In the 2nd episode of Project Binky, we start to get down to the nitty gritty of the build. We strip out the front bulkhead, make all new suspension mounting points and drink a lot of tea. We also travel to Goodwood for a cheeky track day. The project to fit all of the running gear from a Toyota Celica ST185 GT-Four into a Mini 1000 without widening or lengthening it, really starts to take shape.
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heiko222 2 päivää sitten
7:20 Bring Binky to the Track next year 🤣🤣🤣
SGTJDerek 3 päivää sitten
Loving this.
boyo 12 päivää sitten
i love the start of these videos.
Richard Nel
Richard Nel 14 päivää sitten
2021 and still waiting
Tom Crenshaw
Tom Crenshaw 18 päivää sitten
Love you guys. Romans go home. Wonderful.
Rudolph Bondefängerer
Rudolph Bondefängerer 19 päivää sitten
THIS is why the EU need the UK more than the UK need EU.
BlindLeadingTheBlind Uukausi sitten
Your mini build is a massive inspiration to mine :) its made me go and start document it on FIpost but I have only just started my channel but please do have a look!! Would love to hear your thoughts. THANKS 😊
Stefano Farnedi
Stefano Farnedi Uukausi sitten
"when we're done next year" yikesss
Barry Britcher
Barry Britcher Uukausi sitten
So young looking. Lol
patrick keizer
patrick keizer Uukausi sitten
"we'll bring binky to the track next year" that year of his lasts longer then 2020
Mateus Bittencourt
Mateus Bittencourt 2 kuukautta sitten
"We'll definitely bring Binky to the track next year" 7 years later, that poor track is still waiting for Binky.
prospero 41
prospero 41 26 päivää sitten
No track will be ready for binky.
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh 2 kuukautta sitten
"Next Year"?
Mike Makuh
Mike Makuh 2 kuukautta sitten
No wonder you lost the war of Independence, the DRIVER belongs on the OTHER side!!
Serious Shooters
Serious Shooters 2 kuukautta sitten
Did anyone notice that he said " we must bring Binky to the track next year". The only way that happened is if they stuck it on a trailer. Still love this.
Stan Best
Stan Best 3 kuukautta sitten
Watching in 2020, this was so long ago I had forgotten they reused the old bodyshell. My memory was that they scrapped it and bought a new one.
Brum Bram
Brum Bram 3 kuukautta sitten
In this episode you say Binky will be taken to the track next year. Not sure if that was sarcasm... I’ve watched back the first episode and it is scary how much the plan is followed over the years. Hope to see the painted body soon!
Icebear1985 gaming
Icebear1985 gaming 3 kuukautta sitten
Take binky to the track next year he says, fast forward 7 years and still not painted yet lol
betav47 3 kuukautta sitten
Looks like that only original part left in this Binky will be fuel tank hat
Daniel Cheney
Daniel Cheney 3 kuukautta sitten
My favorite line of this episode.... "I will certainly bring Binky to the track next year..." 7 years later, still waiting to know the exterior color.
Barrie Noble
Barrie Noble 3 kuukautta sitten
I can’t believe I’ve been following binky for 7 years.
McSheesh 3 kuukautta sitten
"And we'll bring Binky to the track next year to see how she performs"... maybe next year 🤷🏿‍♂️
Back Down On The Boat
Back Down On The Boat 3 kuukautta sitten
I'm beginning to understand why this project is now in it's 7th year.... I love it.
Martijn Geven
Martijn Geven 3 kuukautta sitten
Rewatching this and laughing about the remark at 7:34 how they are going to take it to the track next year. It is six years later and the bloody thing hasn’t been started yet. Well soldier on boys, keep at it.
Alex L.
Alex L. 3 kuukautta sitten
I love seeing someone taking the time to actually do proper work on a project like this. Hat's off!
Matthew Owen
Matthew Owen 4 kuukautta sitten
Got bored of waiting for the next episode so rewatching yet again. Nick hasn’t aged one bit, honest.
Time Machine
Time Machine 4 kuukautta sitten
Both cars worth a lot of money in 2020 !
Duncan Campbell
Duncan Campbell 4 kuukautta sitten
take Binky to the track next year? This was 7 years ago, and you still aren't done.
Roger J
Roger J 4 kuukautta sitten
Us left handed people manage by adapting and overcoming the backwards world you righties created for yourselves.
Terence Gillespie
Terence Gillespie 5 kuukautta sitten
Amazing series. Compliments to the video person.
NeedForWeed 5 kuukautta sitten
oh to be not in america and not have to deal with standard size bolts... and every other measurement lol
Ken Morton
Ken Morton 5 kuukautta sitten
Never ending story
Paul Briers
Paul Briers 5 kuukautta sitten
This bit did make me laugh Next year 😂
Peter Davio
Peter Davio 5 kuukautta sitten
"Next year". maybe, just maybe, finally accurate.
trillrif axegrindor
trillrif axegrindor 6 kuukautta sitten
love how they said"we will bring binky to the track next year" its 2020 and the project is still not done which is absolutely fine with me.more episodes=more joy and cad
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra 6 kuukautta sitten
I mean all that work and you haven't thought about fixing that steering wheel issue? 🤔
Chronicles of Bap
Chronicles of Bap 6 kuukautta sitten
"Romanes eunt domus" ? People called Romanes, they go, the house?
Rabid Ewok
Rabid Ewok 7 kuukautta sitten
Typical brits: all forward progress, advanced and hindered, by tea. :)
Dan B.
Dan B. 7 kuukautta sitten
Jason Terry
Jason Terry 7 kuukautta sitten
"Bring Binky to the track next year" That prediction hasn't held up very well
Axesent 7 kuukautta sitten
New Patreon episode out, watched that, felt empty ..... start from the beginning. ep 2 - 2:05 am. Broken Kettle......
Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 7 kuukautta sitten
“We’ll certainly bring binky to the track next year” - 6 years ago
Kieran Hindrup
Kieran Hindrup 8 kuukautta sitten
After years of dedication, i decided to rewatch from the beginning. You two have aged......
mr john
mr john 8 kuukautta sitten
Bring it to the track next year... 🤔
REF III 8 kuukautta sitten
Sellleeka..... or celica lol it’s like AlUminUmum or aluminum
Eugene Cussen
Eugene Cussen 8 kuukautta sitten
Would it have been possible to graft the engine donors bulkhead into the mini?
My Wife Hates This Car
My Wife Hates This Car 8 kuukautta sitten
"We'll definitely bring Binky to the track next year" - Good job that's in Binky years.
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
CAD - Cardboard Aiding Designs :D LMAO!!! You're killing ME!! :D :D :D
NASA TX American Iron & Camaro Mustang Challenge
NASA TX American Iron & Camaro Mustang Challenge 8 kuukautta sitten
'We'll certainly bring Binky to the track next year..."
Luca Robinson
Luca Robinson 8 kuukautta sitten
We’ll definitely bring binky to the track next year oh how you were wrong
Thomas Pigg
Thomas Pigg 8 kuukautta sitten
If I ever was to "strike it rich" and wanted a European car made these are the two guys that I'd have to do it. I think they're great!!!!!
George Tsiros
George Tsiros 8 kuukautta sitten
it's been 7 years already? huh.
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey 8 kuukautta sitten
7:25 "we'll certainly take Binky to the track next year..." LOL
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey 8 kuukautta sitten
I hope someone gives them a waterjet cutting machine for Christmas
Get Schwifty
Get Schwifty 8 kuukautta sitten
Hahaha 2020 and the comment of "we'll take Binky out on the track next year" makes me chuckle as the just rebuild the gearbox 7 years later 😂😂😂😂😂
Patricio Garcia
Patricio Garcia 8 kuukautta sitten
Anybody binge watching on may 2020? Coronavirus bingeing
Ed Goddard
Ed Goddard 8 kuukautta sitten
now there's lockdown, i've re started this series
tojiroh 9 kuukautta sitten
We were young, once...
kevin williams
kevin williams 9 kuukautta sitten
I know this is 7 years on but it is great to see CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) is still the belt and braces way to get it right.
Dmitrii Medvedev
Dmitrii Medvedev 9 kuukautta sitten
Jesus, they are so happy here.. I came from 2020.
SempreGumby 9 kuukautta sitten
“Romanes eunt domus”. LOL
Wraith01mg 10 kuukautta sitten
Project Binky, are you a pratchett fan guys?
theoriginalwallace 10 kuukautta sitten
Taking Binky to the track next year? Hmmmmmm... #Project Binky 2020...
C Reynolds
C Reynolds 10 kuukautta sitten
Watching this again waiting for next episode and the optimism to have Binky on track next year line 😀
Michael Plane
Michael Plane 10 kuukautta sitten
Slamming and rimming, ooeeerr, missus.
Quested 10 kuukautta sitten
"We'll bring Binky to the track next year" .Forever the optimist
sherman squires
sherman squires 11 kuukautta sitten
Love this show! So charmingly non TV style and honest!
Anton Konrad
Anton Konrad 11 kuukautta sitten
god, rewatching in 2020, you both still have fully colored hair in this episode, and beleve it only takes a year
Neil Melling
Neil Melling 11 kuukautta sitten
awesome X-)
Karl Gohlke
Karl Gohlke 11 kuukautta sitten
Feb. 2020 - Goodwood is still waiting in tears.
Matthew de Paula
Matthew de Paula 11 kuukautta sitten
I love the Sleekah GT. Modern classic.
Mick & Julies awesome channel.
Mick & Julies awesome channel. 11 kuukautta sitten
So here we are 61/2 years later, ok it can take a while for these things to reach the colonies, but with Terry Jones falling off the perch just recently, the white board reference to the Life of Brian was, dare I say it, quite poignant.
jshdwhite79 11 kuukautta sitten
Measure twice cut once? That's what I've been doing wrong. All these these years, "I cut it twice and it's still too short" good thing I have brute Force and ignorance to fall back on
Connor Jacobson
Connor Jacobson 11 kuukautta sitten
"Get binky to the track next year"... like that was a real goal with you two.
John Last
John Last Vuosi sitten
Everytime i hear Sileeka i laugh my ass off .thanks fellas
ray julien
ray julien Vuosi sitten
2020...definitely this year!
Mark Jacquet
Mark Jacquet Vuosi sitten
Also wik
laurie ross-fenty
laurie ross-fenty Vuosi sitten
Hahahaha “we’ll bring it to the track next year”.... how optimistic!
nivesknight Vuosi sitten
I liked that left handed joke. Being American and lefthand dominate... hahahaha
k2OS Vuosi sitten
7:20 "and we'll certainly bring Binky to the track next year.." .. haha :)
J Grn
J Grn Vuosi sitten
The bloke knows what he's doing.great job
J Grn
J Grn Vuosi sitten
Come on bloke I know you can do some cutting.
Sid Walters
Sid Walters Vuosi sitten
One fabricator to another you do beautiful work !
3:39 sounds like a Renault F1 engine in the dyno cell.
luwo3007 Vuosi sitten
7:27 next year😂😂😂 this was 6 years ago 😂😂😂
karagi101 Vuosi sitten
Brit humour.
vanseventy Vuosi sitten
Stunning soundtrack mate!
David Newman
David Newman Vuosi sitten
Anyone else reminded of the Ship of Theseus?
Mike Hackler
Mike Hackler Vuosi sitten
A bit like Monty Python with cars. Now for something completely different.
jason puttock
jason puttock Vuosi sitten
WTF this is bloody awesome. slammed and rimming is pure FUNNY !!!!!
Khellendros Vuosi sitten
@7:26 "We'll certainly bring Binky to the track next year"... I'll finish the comment when I'm done laughing. Still, it's a pleasure to watch the progress. it will be glorious.
Jesper Monsted
Jesper Monsted Vuosi sitten
"We'll definitely bring Binky to the track next year" Hah.
Hendo 85
Hendo 85 Vuosi sitten
The skid factory made me come here.
Jerry Dineen
Jerry Dineen Vuosi sitten
Never enjoyed a car show like this since wheeler dealers in the early days.Thats before it went to America.
Mad Mechatronic
Mad Mechatronic Vuosi sitten
I now have a new meaning for CAD. Cardboard Aided Design. works fine alright. LOLs
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Vuosi sitten
Awesome stuff
Daniel Leech
Daniel Leech Vuosi sitten
On to the second video and I have to say its so refreshing to see some real engineering with some dry british wit :)
adrian thorpe
adrian thorpe Vuosi sitten
is it me or should both them should have knighthood, love new ford cargo, but looking back the start is not like the seven bridge
dougla boss
dougla boss Vuosi sitten
Its a big ting wen its tea time in the shop lol so true...guys
sidney laimbeer
sidney laimbeer Vuosi sitten
A typical witty Brit,carry on mate.Like your mates comments too.
Immortal SoFar
Immortal SoFar Vuosi sitten
So we had a cup of tea and 'Right' said Nick....
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