Project Binky - Episode 8 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

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The quest to build one of the world's fastest Mini's continues....
In Episode 8, we get a pair of nice doors, Nik gets annoyed with the boot lid and we both flip out over the front end panel work. Really hope you enjoy it. Please share! Thanks for watching.
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Elli P
Elli P Uukausi sitten
5:43 - One skin, two skins, three skins, prepuce... Prepuce? Nope, I just don't get it...
Renax the Man
Renax the Man Uukausi sitten
@7:40 The left doorhandle is 2cm higher up the door than the right one? seriously, Nic's OK with that? I mean you can't see both sides at the same time, but still?
Richard Schofield
Richard Schofield 2 kuukautta sitten
Does anyone know what those slotted hindges are called and where you can buy them. Google is failing me
Marout Yasuo Sluijter - Borms
Marout Yasuo Sluijter - Borms 2 kuukautta sitten
Nylon attracts water, won't that make the hinge bind up?
Elli P
Elli P 3 kuukautta sitten
Lots of lovely work. I didn't attempt anything even close to this when I was rallying; the standard cruel quip at the club for anyone doing major repairs after a big forest 'off' was: "If you're that keen to cut the buggers down, build yourself a chainsaw." ;-)
Dan Ellison
Dan Ellison 3 kuukautta sitten
This is the first build series that i have watched where i havmt at any point thout to myself 'why on earth did you do it that way' this old fella might be completely insane to go through all this with that old mini but atleast has fabrication skillset if firmly grounded.
Craig Marden
Craig Marden 3 kuukautta sitten
Make the noise!
Neil Dawes
Neil Dawes 3 kuukautta sitten
I can't believe it took me 6 years to get the four skins joke... 🤦🏼‍♂️
Spaz 1966
Spaz 1966 4 kuukautta sitten
Well, I'm glad the trunk door is getting it's own power opener.
Roger J
Roger J 4 kuukautta sitten
And people say the Germans will over complicate things. Germans ain't got shite on this bloke.
Flanker 27
Flanker 27 5 kuukautta sitten
After seeing those first-fitment front end panel gaps, the Quality Assurance guy at British Leyland would have been: "Yeah proper job there fellas, get her to paint"
pouria121 6 kuukautta sitten
Holy shit I have been watching this for 5 years
Ruben Kelevra
Ruben Kelevra 6 kuukautta sitten
Traffic stop, police officer: Have you done any modifications? Nik: *can't stop laughing*
Luminous Lentil
Luminous Lentil 7 kuukautta sitten
Never peel your doorskin back too quickly
Robert Marley
Robert Marley 7 kuukautta sitten
Did anyone else see the surprised Teddy at 19:50?
cheewurz 7 kuukautta sitten
Miles hardin
Miles hardin 7 kuukautta sitten
How do you think so far in advance? I could never do that! I wouldnt put things together in the right order, or put anything in the right order!
Miles hardin
Miles hardin 7 kuukautta sitten
thanks for filming in 1080 p btw!
Miles hardin
Miles hardin 7 kuukautta sitten
can you put sidepipes on it please??
Miles hardin
Miles hardin 7 kuukautta sitten
"it aint much, and it doesnt work" but still cool as HELL!
Mike Scudder
Mike Scudder 8 kuukautta sitten
ok... this build is getting pretty insane. Love the fabrication.
Larry Ellis
Larry Ellis 8 kuukautta sitten
Blown away, every episode
Gabriele Campagnola
Gabriele Campagnola 8 kuukautta sitten
Great videos my best compliments a bot of you Guys 🔥🔥👏
Micheal Oxtoby
Micheal Oxtoby 8 kuukautta sitten
I'm well behind the times here, just started watching this, 8 episodes in and I can't stop, genuinely the best thing I have ever watched, thanks for making this guy's :)
Micheal Oxtoby
Micheal Oxtoby 8 kuukautta sitten
No worries, the missus won't be happy that she won't get to speak to me for weeks until I'm caught up on the build, but her first car was a mini, so I'm sure will understand 👍
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 8 kuukautta sitten
Thanks for watching!
Chris Pietersen
Chris Pietersen 8 kuukautta sitten
Remarkable, absolutely remarkable!!! :D Great Job Guys!!!
james clark
james clark 9 kuukautta sitten
Just cadged on to your channel recently. Great stuff. Looking forward to the rest and the sucking black hole of despair once I've caught up. This bit with the hinged front end frame is the cleverest so far. Nik, you work with steel like Coco Chanel works with silk. Well done lads!
Michael Plane
Michael Plane 10 kuukautta sitten
Panel glue or sealer, round the edge.
Simo5000 10 kuukautta sitten
1 Skin, 2 Skin, 3 Skin, 4.......
Nicola Heyes Heyes
Nicola Heyes Heyes 11 kuukautta sitten
You sir are so so clever
Tore Nyland
Tore Nyland 11 kuukautta sitten
2:22 best joke of the series , i swear
Andrew Stube
Andrew Stube 11 kuukautta sitten
And I thought ripping out a Lucas wiring harness and wiring each light individually was an undertaking!
Ian Hodgetts
Ian Hodgetts Vuosi sitten
J Grn
J Grn Vuosi sitten
A genius bloke.awesome.gah zun tie.uh huh uh huhu uh
Mitchell Denham
Mitchell Denham Vuosi sitten
Don't worry y'all, on Christmas Day 2019, they sort all the panel gaps and strip the whole thing down for paint.
MidnightAmratha Vuosi sitten
The latch goes from the lid to the chassis, but how about going from chassis to lid?
jdhalvo Vuosi sitten
At the risk of revealing my ignorance, is there any reason not to put a bit of sealant or rust inhibitor in the seam before folding the door skin over the door body/frame? Looks like a great place to trap moisture...
Classic Mini shorts
Classic Mini shorts Vuosi sitten
Sexy AF! Decent flip front solution too...
Dr. T.
Dr. T. Vuosi sitten
I stumbled upon this channel and love the fabrication, engineering, sense of humour and the editing is great too , I usually watch B is for build or goonz squad but they're not a patch on you clever people, I love how you don't take yourself seriously even though you're very clever engineers, thanks for the great vids.
rahkin rah
rahkin rah Vuosi sitten
Oh oh. I have a new addiction...I better go make some food before #9.
Elfo sioux
Elfo sioux Vuosi sitten
MattiasSweden 76
MattiasSweden 76 Vuosi sitten
I'm just wondering how many hours and days week's months you have been thinking and planning this project......! Its so massive and well built! I love it!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Vuosi sitten
It's all been complicated, but I must admit, this particular episode really made my head spin.
Mike Lavigne
Mike Lavigne Vuosi sitten
Truly amazing craftsmanship.
Steve Holland
Steve Holland Vuosi sitten
Lucky there were only two skins.....................not four skins..............door skins, of course
subasurf Vuosi sitten
nice four skins
Craig Tate
Craig Tate Vuosi sitten
Love the forward hinge setup
Ray Chambers
Ray Chambers Vuosi sitten
I've got it 4 skins!!!!
nickacelvn Vuosi sitten
Andy Kourafas
Andy Kourafas Vuosi sitten
This is my fourth or fifth time through this series. The absolute best content on youtube.
limericklad2000 Vuosi sitten
You guys are the literal engineering antithesis to Occam's Razor.
HojozVideos Vuosi sitten
I wonder how long kettle no.5 is gonna last tbh
neokix // 公道ライダーのための危険予測
neokix // 公道ライダーのための危険予測 Vuosi sitten
That "original as possible" was really funny. Good job!
plunder1956 Vuosi sitten
At least one of you is a Pratchett fan. From the street of cunning artificers.
Roaming Adhocrat
Roaming Adhocrat Vuosi sitten
Am literally laughing in delight at the demonstration of the hinge there.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Vuosi sitten
You're putting the steering wheel on the wrong side.
envoycdx Vuosi sitten
And rewatching again :D
Tim Ostrom
Tim Ostrom Vuosi sitten
so the bonnet opens regular style, corvette style, and pops off easy? you guys are the greatest! "the best mini ever."
BackInBlack_4896 Vuosi sitten
Took me 7 episodes to realise the end credits shot is not a photo
aussieseanc Vuosi sitten
Mmmmmmm dark chocolate digestives All the best inspiration comes from a cup of tea and a dark chocolate digestive
rincewind2303 Vuosi sitten
"Engage smug mode" a Red Dwarf fan?
A Hero For Fun
A Hero For Fun Vuosi sitten
The nylon peg at the base of the pipe inside the A panel reminds me of a similar attachment they use under flip “bonnet” (at the rear end) of the Ferrari F40, although Ferrari’s bonnet seems to have a lot less stability to it (probably due to weight reduction). Fantastic idea though and really well thought out! Your ability to solve even the smallest of possible issues is nothing less than phenomenal.
Karen Murray
Karen Murray 2 vuotta sitten
I am really enjoying this series, two quick questions. Is Nick really a evil super genius hell bent on world domination ? and why did you call it "Binky" ????
darryl 2 vuotta sitten
Romans. Don’t want me to go home
Jason Wills
Jason Wills 2 vuotta sitten
Great effort illseeyouatGoodwwood.nextyear?
RegisteredTrademark 2 vuotta sitten
Does anyone have a tally of how much of the original mini is still there? Pretty certain it's just the boot lid and roof at this point.
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt 2 vuotta sitten
you may have already figured this seeing as the vid is 4 years old, but just incase you havent, lidl do (occasionally) a nice set of interlocking impact foam floor panels for snowflake kids, thats what i use to put between benches and body panels ;)
Sy James
Sy James 2 vuotta sitten
That bonnets actually really clever 🤙🏻
TomHaroldArt 2 vuotta sitten
This is the exact sort of complexity and flexibility in function and design that would drive everyone else nuts, yet be precisely what I'd want to do! Genius!
This is awesome
This is awesome 2 vuotta sitten
"Romani et abiit in domum suam!" Great series!
Glenn Normand
Glenn Normand 2 vuotta sitten
OMG another one to go....will this ever end???
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone 2 vuotta sitten
“Keep the Mini as original as possible”. I spit coffee across the room
Christerart1 2 vuotta sitten
Fits like a prick in a sock - oh boy.....:) :) :)
michbushi 2 vuotta sitten
Bonnet job is great
ThatFly WelshGuy
ThatFly WelshGuy 2 vuotta sitten
The engineering you guys put into this is just amazing. Pure engineering genius if you ask me. If you guys got a show, I would 100% watch every episode religiously.
Urban Campfire
Urban Campfire 2 vuotta sitten
Never knew fitting a GT FOUR engine and drivetrain in a Mini was this simple! :)
Trace Elliot
Trace Elliot 2 vuotta sitten
Sowaaah who else in 2018 started Re-watching the playlist so far ?? the word BingeWatching comes up..........a lot Love the work Boys
Oldstuff Man
Oldstuff Man 2 vuotta sitten
seriously. you could have bought a completely restored one of these for 1/2 the price. And it might have actually been a mostly original car and not this brand new car.
The Vibe
The Vibe 2 vuotta sitten
as a jaguar x-type owner now i feel inadequate about my catch size :/
dean dokic
dean dokic 2 vuotta sitten
Just realised who nic looks like , a younger useful Tony Blair that actually knows what he’s doing lol
andrew stamps
andrew stamps 2 vuotta sitten
Brilliant guys!!!!
Rob Edwards
Rob Edwards 2 vuotta sitten
I'm not sure you made it clear how many skins you had in all
Helloverlord 2 vuotta sitten
This is........unbeliveably complicated and elegant.
Cammlecorn 2 vuotta sitten
You guys are insane I love this. It soooo well done
pattiboy channel
pattiboy channel 2 vuotta sitten
You guys are unbelievably clever, if there was a Nasa of car builders your it. Absolutely loving it.
Mac·au 2 vuotta sitten
And they say British comedy is dead ... 🤪 Bollocks to that I say! 😎🤣
Austin DeBrito
Austin DeBrito 2 vuotta sitten
All jokes aside, this is brilliant engineering. I've never seen a personally engineered car that looks like it came off the assembly line. Cheers!
Jordan O'Neill
Jordan O'Neill 2 vuotta sitten
you are nuts mate, absolutely nuts, i love your work, never seen so much attenton to detail and homemade diy godness in my life. that flip front end is ingenious
Sam Hudson
Sam Hudson 2 vuotta sitten
Just catching up on these! Nice series gents. Only another 12 months and it might be finished!
Craig Welsh
Craig Welsh 2 vuotta sitten
Love the Airplane! and Red Dwarf references as well as the excellent fabrication work.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 2 vuotta sitten
As an old mechanic/body man/mackler I take my hat off! It's addictive viewing, and your work's very good indeed. It's brilliant and nonsense at the same time, because you'll never price it up!!!!
Woodgate425 2 vuotta sitten
Absolutely brilliant! You should be working for NASA!
Stevie Athers.
Stevie Athers. 2 vuotta sitten
Brilliant 👍👍👍👍👍
mytapoiss 2 vuotta sitten
Excellent show! Love your humor and its good to see the attention to detail! thanks to reddit artisanvideos that lead me here.
Tall Giraffe
Tall Giraffe 2 vuotta sitten
You are insane ... And I love it
melonbobful 2 vuotta sitten
If anyone can explain to me why air tools are worth using when you could just use an electric drill I'd be curious to hear it. Compressing air is only 4% efficient whereas electric motors are upwards of 60% efficient.
logandarklighter 2 vuotta sitten
"What I've come up with, then, is this little lot. I'd love to show you how I got there, but I've eaten the prototype." Goddamnit all. Subbed! Also laughed one entire ass-cheek off, causing structural failure which caused me to fall off my chair. :D
Dinos H.
Dinos H. 2 vuotta sitten
Most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen. You guys are geniuses
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 2 vuotta sitten
*blushes* Thanks.
Joe_breezyjr 2 vuotta sitten
With every episode I'm even more amazed... Your enginerding skills are out of this world...
TakingaFence 3 vuotta sitten
20:34 "good grief" "WHAT" haha classic. been funny watching your hair styles change Nik, awesome fab work guys, can never go past a piece of card board!!!! love the work.
ZGryphon 3 vuotta sitten
I particularly love the attention to the panel gaps, presumably because the original manufacturers never gave it one-tenth of one thought. :)
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