Howie Did It - Hydraulic Lifting Platform

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This is a video on how we went about creating a lifting, lowering, movable hydraulic platform capable of supporting around a tonne. Nothing suitable was available to buy, so we made one. This is how we did it.
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kieran dann
kieran dann 17 päivää sitten
Needs more gussets
DragsterIOW Uukausi sitten
16:32 Gentle, gentle. HAVE IT!
PK F Uukausi sitten
Sales of Sharpies and step drills are up again.
thfreakinacage 2 kuukautta sitten
Wood? That's not 2mm sheet. I'm surprised you knew what to do with it! :P
Elli P
Elli P 2 kuukautta sitten
A silly but important point: mucking about with LEGO (and Meccano) used to be a very serious business indeed - for children. I did it when I was a kid. I'm sure many other viewers did, too. Long before digital technology and home computers, construction 'toys' played a vital role in guiding curious minds and challenging imaginations. I don't like modern LEGO where there are special moulded parts and fully configured designs that only require assembly. That's no fun. Instant gratification? No, thanks. Someone else has done the thinking for you. To me the whole point was using your brain to make that crane...
Un Perrier
Un Perrier 3 kuukautta sitten
Sure, it can lift one ton... so each small wheel carries 125 kg in average. That seems on the high side for such small wheels, not mentionning floor unevenness and load imbalance which can put double that weight on some of the wheels, perhaps even more than a quarter of a ton onsuch small plastic wheel.
Karl McClelland
Karl McClelland 3 kuukautta sitten
This is a wonderful video. This thing is a work of art. I love it. Safety catch is a work of genius. Love you guys so much.
Madhouse DIY
Madhouse DIY 3 kuukautta sitten
I just came here to compliment you on having such a damn fine anvil.
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan 4 kuukautta sitten
9:25 - "A dab of cutting fulid eases penetration" BOM's sex tips from the workshop. They probably could run their own BDSM equipment store with all the brackets they've made over the years.
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett 4 kuukautta sitten
The question is, can you adapt the design for 4 ton?
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles 4 kuukautta sitten
Why do I say “Mmmmm, chamfer” every time?
David Elliott
David Elliott 5 kuukautta sitten
You could have had 8 castors off eBay for £20. Just saying like. ;)
mahina1963 6 kuukautta sitten
I wouldn't compare you guys with watchmakers, but your eye for detail and accuracy is close to a goldsmith's!
Chris Sharp
Chris Sharp 7 kuukautta sitten
I’d love to see a shop tour
Mouserz 7 kuukautta sitten
Lathes remind me of high school. The not time I got to use them!
jfan4reva 7 kuukautta sitten
Howie did a nice job!
Kyle 7 kuukautta sitten
Don't they have a harbor freight there
Howard Katz
Howard Katz 8 kuukautta sitten
I didn’t do it. These two are always accusing me and I never did it.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 8 kuukautta sitten
What about modifying a motorcycle lift one used for large motorcycles! Frankly you are either right or would rather waste time making shit to save a few £! Penny wise £ foolish comes to mind! How much lost income came about building that over engineered table? Oh I know you make money videoing it!
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport 8 kuukautta sitten
Motorcycle lift would not go down far enough and are not rated to at least 750kg which was the weight of the Dover engine. We investigated all kinds of lifts before making our own.
john Evangelou
john Evangelou 8 kuukautta sitten
I really thought it was going to have power lift and possibly drive. No seriously it’s always a good day when you bring out a new video.
heirpin 8 kuukautta sitten
Could you make me a smaller one suitable for my Triumph 3TA project please?
Kenneth Ellison
Kenneth Ellison 8 kuukautta sitten
Awesome build boys, but here's just one word of advice: Lathe Bearings.
Evilroco 8 kuukautta sitten
So you guys built what looks just like a bike lift but double the size.....just an idea but couldn't you have just rented or burrowed two? I do as always appreciate the content guys and glad this popped up on my feed after the quarantine car show . I'm dying to see Binky rolling thnx again for the great effort
Richard Libby
Richard Libby 9 kuukautta sitten
Brilliant! Love the create-your-own tools part. I have to admit, that and the humor kept me coming back for more episodes. Keep up the good work, guys.
David Cordes
David Cordes 9 kuukautta sitten
Bloody brilliant!
jdhalvo Vuosi sitten
Binky looks so evil and aggressive dead on from the front! For some reason, it reminded me of Darth Vader; am I alone? (BTW: Love it...)
Rob Vuosi sitten
And If this was a James Bond hydraulic scissor platform thingy it would have retractable wheels!😁
Rob Vuosi sitten
Some poor bloke will be in for a big surprise when he finds out somebody nicked the u bolts off his boat trailer axle! I mean come on fella's🙆‍♂️😁
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett Vuosi sitten
And.........Nik over complicates a simple lift table.......... thank goodness it was entertaining to watch!
DrewT Vuosi sitten
Needs a pneumatic fitting and foot pedal valve.
MeinE39M5 Vuosi sitten
Frigging awesome. Should I be ashamed that I have spent 2 days straight watching nothing but BOM videos?
James Driscoll
James Driscoll Vuosi sitten
Speedbird Vuosi sitten
bloody clever that!!
MidnightAmratha Vuosi sitten
This is almost like watching ThisOldTony minus the odd trickery that is
deltavee2 Vuosi sitten
Well conceived and planned and well constructed. I hope your show has a junior membership in the UK. You gentlemen are great examples to youth.
Stacy Schneider
Stacy Schneider Vuosi sitten
As always some real time camera footage would have been great, that thing had to take 40 hours to build. As is obvious, very few people have ever seen a Ty wrap gun or actually used one. Once you have one you will never leave a Ty wrap with an arm cutting knife again exposed again. Stacy
eggypickle Vuosi sitten
Those evolution saws always seem strange because they're built identically to a wood cutting mitre saw... they seem to work really well though.
John Robertson
John Robertson Vuosi sitten
There are many DIY metal fabrication channels, but as a mechanical engineer I love this one best - because the designs are sound. On a lifting device it is paramount that it has a proper design with a healthy safety margin.
Logan Alcantara
Logan Alcantara Vuosi sitten
Please don't put your hands near a lathe with gloves on! Or at all for that matter
4wd some
4wd some Vuosi sitten
God how I wish I was sponsored by SIP they owe me a good 20k in tools I have bought from them over the last 20 years
4wd some
4wd some Vuosi sitten
Workshop tour? A nice quick easy vijayo
4wd some
4wd some Vuosi sitten
The evolution rage saw is brilliant I have the whole rage line in my workshop, they cut anything and refuse to die Keep up the good work chaps
agh19 Vuosi sitten
I hope you guys give that poor little lathe a hero's burial when you finally kill it.
bigtonkakid Vuosi sitten
Good job! But can it run over a zip tie?
Mike Openshaw
Mike Openshaw Vuosi sitten
Too clever for words - you guys should be building rockets for the moon!!
Rob Black
Rob Black Vuosi sitten
Something like this would be ideal for my father. He just recovered from a bi lateral amputation and needs something to lift him and his wheel chair into vehicles of different heights and be portable. I will have a go at adapting this idea into something that will be powered by a cordless drill.
Manic Mailman
Manic Mailman Vuosi sitten
I'd never trust a step ladder unless it decidedly dodgy. Where's the fun in that?
Frank Stocker
Frank Stocker Vuosi sitten
No oil cooler for the Ram?
Martin Edelius
Martin Edelius Vuosi sitten
Why does Nik almost always finish off a longer weld with a small "dab" of weld?
Martin Edelius
Martin Edelius Vuosi sitten
I just realized that it's probably because the welding qwire sticks to the weld when he's done, something I haven't experienced myself.
ShelbyKingNFS Vuosi sitten
I would say that is the perfect amount of over-engineering. Fabulous work boys!
Moun Bakko
Moun Bakko Vuosi sitten
... only interested in watching the tools do what they do... priceless... ... for all the technicals... sounds like he switched to some other language
Trev Eves
Trev Eves Vuosi sitten
Plenty of opportunities to "Get the Funk out" there, fellas. Missed it...
Mike Mchaney
Mike Mchaney Vuosi sitten
What's up with the last pull of the trigger at the end of the weld?
Martin Evans
Martin Evans Vuosi sitten
...should I wear welding goggles while watching your videos? Concerned, Blinkie.
Rus W
Rus W Vuosi sitten
All I could look at was the C clamp with the missing foot ... immersion ruined! 😂
Richard Collette
Richard Collette Vuosi sitten
As my daughter says... "Seerzly". Why is there no monetization on these videos. It's deserved.
Rob McGrath
Rob McGrath Vuosi sitten
You guys should try your hand at high speed video of the welding
Ad's Mini build
Ad's Mini build Vuosi sitten
What a great idea guys. 👍 mind blowing fab work as always
Overture Vuosi sitten
What brand is that step drill bit? :P Loved the video.
Chester1997 Vuosi sitten
40:20 new project? nissan? skyline?
Boosted & Built Garage
Boosted & Built Garage Vuosi sitten
Bloody brilliant! Though c'mon we all knew those wheel brackets would bend... One of those 'last job for the day' jobs 😂
David Cordes
David Cordes Vuosi sitten
Why is it that those Brits make the language we invented sound so sexy? Aloominium.....I rest my case!
ken Vaughey
ken Vaughey Vuosi sitten
Obviously 89 people do not possess a nicely knurled knob.
biro24 Vuosi sitten
10/10 absolutely brilliant... This reminds me of the school educational videos ( when school actually taught you life skills) 😀
Evil D
Evil D Vuosi sitten
At this point you guys are just holding Binky hostage so we'll watch your other videos because you're afraid everyone will move on once Binky is funished.
Roland Lawrence
Roland Lawrence Vuosi sitten
for one time use you say?
Claude Hébert
Claude Hébert Vuosi sitten
Nicely done. Clever thinking with the cannibalized axle stand :-)
ron edmeades
ron edmeades Vuosi sitten
Awesome! Once again you engineered the s^*t out of that ;)
Aidan Worthington
Aidan Worthington Vuosi sitten
Why do you weld with one glove, cancer will get u!!!!!
KRIS KING Vuosi sitten
Hi guys any more vids on the bus?
mmdirtyworkz Vuosi sitten
"I can't find anything suitable to buy" Bollocks. Just say I don't want to pay for some overpriced lift. Honesty counts and is appreciated.
mmdirtyworkz Vuosi sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport With that in mind I'd say fair enough. Also, so satisfying when you create something on your own. Thanks for the reply
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport Vuosi sitten
Indeed, but we couldn't find anything suitable to buy. We had a very specific set of requirements.
Money Grip
Money Grip Vuosi sitten
I love you fuys
Phil G
Phil G Vuosi sitten
Caravan Motor Movers I think you need :)
Phil G
Phil G Vuosi sitten
Absolute Genius. laughed when you took apart the axle stand.
# Waddington
# Waddington Vuosi sitten
Take your ring off!
Edd Jordan
Edd Jordan Vuosi sitten
lovely. finish that Fing mini!
Piet Goorden
Piet Goorden Vuosi sitten
nice work. looks indeed quite solid :P. i was wondering during the video when (or if) you were going to use cutting flued while drilling as i know that will keep your drills sharp for a longer time :D. btw, what will the paint color be.. as i would assume you are not going to dismantle it after the one job it was build for :P
Don Teifke
Don Teifke Vuosi sitten
That's all fine and good but did you do the roll over a tie-wrap on the floor test? You know, like we do with floor jacks. 😉
Kerry Stevens
Kerry Stevens Vuosi sitten
More jokes please
Lomate *
Lomate * Vuosi sitten
I see u been watching Del Boys garage for a few tips 😳😊
Ian Hardy
Ian Hardy Vuosi sitten
So do you like the cable tye gun ?
Ian Hardy
Ian Hardy Vuosi sitten
@Bad Obsession Motorsport I thought you would like it they are a cool tool
Bad Obsession Motorsport
Bad Obsession Motorsport Vuosi sitten
It's awesome! Thank you.
lxymuppet Vuosi sitten
Skookum as frig!
A J C Sr
A J C Sr Vuosi sitten
Braggenrites Vuosi sitten
What can you guys NOT build.
ivan schafeldt
ivan schafeldt Vuosi sitten
you could have saved yourself 4 years and 6 months just by buying a colchester instead of a myford
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis Vuosi sitten
You fellas are amazing 👍👍
Olesya&Barrie Gunn
Olesya&Barrie Gunn Vuosi sitten
Did you build this to take the engine out of the race van ?
ElGringo Vuosi sitten
This gets my vote for most complicated coffee table!
Tony Dalton
Tony Dalton Vuosi sitten
Loved the use of the axle stand for a safety device. As usual guys a highly entertaining production. Thank You.
Mud Vuosi sitten
46 year old straight guy here. I love you
Mud Vuosi sitten
I wrote that 2 mins and 11 seconds in. 43 mins and 1 seconds to go. can my night get any better?
chris penn
chris penn Vuosi sitten
That Lego prototype would be a perfect accessory for servicing my wife's collection of Lego cars - Mini, Beetle, Mustang etc. :-)
Howard Katz
Howard Katz Vuosi sitten
The guys keep give me all the credit but I swear I didn't do any of this. I'm in New York while it's being made in the UK.
Jozsef Izsak
Jozsef Izsak Vuosi sitten
Always a pleasure, gentlemen!
Wayne Goff
Wayne Goff Vuosi sitten
Congratulations, you made a scissor jack. Should be titled "how to make a scissor jack for bone heads".
Franco Runco
Franco Runco Vuosi sitten
Thanks for sharing!
FRY-998 Vuosi sitten
In the words of Tina Turner, your... 'simply the best!' lol 😁
Roaming Adhocrat
Roaming Adhocrat Vuosi sitten
*the words of Neil Cicierega
RWBHere Vuosi sitten
At 2:05, I was thinking that you had just made the first eight plugs for those giant metal Lego bricks... 😉 Nice job. Thanks guys.
34Kuro Vuosi sitten
I knew it that those L-brackets for the wheels won't hold to their task
Ryan Workman
Ryan Workman Vuosi sitten
The things you guys do just to move binky to a different corner of the workshop.
Rod Stone
Rod Stone Vuosi sitten
In the words of Mr Scream - Yeeeeaaaaah HA HAAAAA!
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